3 Easy ways to prepare ahead for revision


Writing out equations on your shower window? Spelling out key-terms in your alphabetti spaghetti? Looks like you need some help with preparing for revision

I’ll be the first to say it: exams are horrible, stressful and downright detestable. However, they’re pretty compulsory for, y’know, a degree. But not to worry, I’m here to offer you a little bite of my retrospect and trial-&-error wisdom.

Here are 3 ways to prepare ahead for revision:

 1. Hunt down your syllabus

Exams can be tricky. Remember that one lecture you missed because you got a bit excitable that time in Pop? Possibly not… But fate will and it’ll totally mess you over when you come to open your exam paper and see the first question. Trust me. Make sure you check your notes against the syllabus to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

And when you come to realize that you’re missing several lecture’s worth of notes, worry not. There’s a very high possibility that your classmates are in the same boat – so swap and trade just like when your popularity depended on having that shiny Charizard. Or if your need becomes dire, ask your lecturer for a spare handout or the best way to catch up. As long as it isn’t the week before the exam, they’ll likely be able to help.

 2. Get organized

There is nothing worse than going through the carpet of paper that is your floor, trying to find that one really important sheet. Especially when it’s the night before your first exam. So go on, treat yourself to a nice stripy ring binder from Wilkos. Spend some time creating some new folders in your D: drive. Or really go all out and get those branded highlighters that don’t turn the whole of a sentence into one big, blue blur.

I can’t express how much less daunting revision is when you have each topic in a separate, colour-coded folder. You’ll also find that just by going through your notes to organize them, you have already refreshed your memory. It is also really helpful because you assign a structure to your notes, grouping relevant topics and finding links between subjects. So not only have you already begun to revise but you are no longer getting paper cuts from just walking across your room.

 3. Scare yourself

What could be more motivating than attempting practice questions when you aren’t quite on par? Suddenly the harsh reality of exams plummets into perspective and you realize that you better sort yourself out. So wait no further, check out your subject’s past exam papers. Scope out your challenger and see what type of questions you need to prepare for.

Bonus: it’s so delightful when you waltz into the exam hall, open up your paper and read questions that you’ve already written practice essays on. Bliss.

So there are just 3 ways to make sure you’re really ready for revision. Have you got a game-plan yet? Did you spend half an hour choosing your new folder in Wilkos? Found your perfect study spot? Let me know how you’re preparing to get ahead of revision this year!

Image: Food For Thought/James/CC BY 2.0

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