Are Windsor saxophones good?


Are Windsor saxophones good?

The Windsor MI – 1005 Student Alto Saxophone Outfit is a reliable instrument because it is specially designed to deliver comfortable playability and produce a superb tone that makes playing enjoyable.

Who makes the best saxophones in the world?

5 Best Saxophone Brands in the World Today

  • Selmer. 1.1 Suggested Selmer Brand Saxophone.
  • Yamaha. 2.1 Suggested Yamaha Brand Saxophone.
  • Yanagisawa. 3.1 Suggested Yanagisawa Brand Saxophone.
  • Keilwerth. 4.1 Suggested Keiwerth Brand Saxophone.
  • P.Mauriat. 5.1 Suggested P.Mauriat Brand Saxophone.
  • Conclusion.

Are John Packer saxophones good?

The John Packer 041 alto saxophone is a great saxophone for the beginner. It is well made, reliable and trusted by teachers. Student saxophones tend to be lighter due to lighter material being used and less parts being more solidly welded on the instrument.

What is the best brand of alto sax?

Here are the best alto saxophones 2021:

  • Yamaha YAS-280 – Best for High School Students.
  • Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L – Best Cheap Alto Saxophone.
  • Jean Paul AS-400 – Best for the Serious Student.
  • Conn-Selmer AS711 – Best Durable for Beginners.
  • Yamaha YAS-480 – Best Intermediate Alto Sax on a Budget.

Where are Selmer saxophones made?

The Seles Axos saxophone is made in the Henri Selmer Paris factory located in Mantes-la-Ville, France, in the same factory as all other models since 1922. Like all top-of-the-range Henri Selmer Paris instruments, this model continues the tradition of craftsmanship manufacturing integrating new industrial techniques.

Are Selmer saxophones overpriced?

Paris Series Selmer Saxophones While they are pricier, many sax players feel that the added expense is worth it for a truly world class instrument. Super Action 80 Series II. They range in price from $4199 for an alto saxophone to $8699 for a baritone saxophone.

Does Selmer own Bundy?

Recent history The domestically-produced Bundy brand was discontinued shortly afterward, replaced with student wind instruments sourced from Asia and sold as Selmer (USA) woodwinds and Bach brasswinds.

What is a good brand of alto saxophone?

What are the Best Alto Saxophones Brands?

  1. Conn-Selmer. The merger between Conn and Selmer may have been the best thing to happen to jazz music.
  2. Yamaha. If you’re a student in school the Yamaha brand is probably the most popular brand you’ll find at your school or local music shop.
  3. Mendini by Cecilio.
  4. Yanagisawa.
  5. Jupiter.

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