History of Butrint

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Butrint has been the site of a Greek colony, a Roman city and a bishopric. Following a period of prosperity under Byzantine administration, then a brief occupation by the Venetians, the city was abandoned in the late Middle Ages after marshes formed in the area.

When was Butrint founded?

The Roman theatre of Butrint is among the best preserved buildings of the town. It is located just below the Acropolis and facing out over the Vivari Channel. The theatre was built in the 3rd century BC, possibly on the walls of an older and smaller theatre.

Why is Butrint a world heritage site?

Nature and Archaeology

The area around the antique town of Butrint in southern Albania is not only home to several globally threatened species, but has also a rich cultural history, justifying its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What is Buthrotum called today?

The ancient site of Buthrotum is now known as Butrint, in modern Albania.

How old is Butrint?

It constitutes a very rare combination of archaeology and nature. The property is a microcosm of Mediterranean history, with occupation dating from 50 000 BC, at its earliest evidence, up to the 19th century AD.

How old is Butrint city?

The first Albanian site to be granted World Heritage status by UNESCO in 1992, the 2,500-year-old city of Butrint makes up 11 square miles of the 93-square-kilometer national park of the same name.

How old is Butrint Imeri?

Is Butrint in UNESCO?

Located in the lower side of the map of Albania, across the Greek island of Corfu, Butrint boasts the title of being the first Albanian site to be included by UNESCO in its World Heritage List in 1992. Inhabited since prehistoric times, during its long history Butrint has been both a Greek and Roman colony.

Where was butrint Imeri born?

How old is Don Xhoni?

How old is YLL Limani?

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