Can dogs die from eating tennis balls?


Swallowing a tennis ball or any other foreign object that the gut cannot digest is a potentially life-threatening risk to a dog. Tennis balls do carry risks and in general. It’s definitely worth using dog-specific, purpose-designed toys if possible. These are less likely to cause problems.

What happens if a dog eats a tennis ball?

Dogs with powerful jaws like hers can easily break tennis balls in their mouths. This can lead to serious choking hazards. … Some dogs enjoy shredding the yellow-green fuzz that surrounds the tennis ball. Eating this fuzz can lead to choking hazards and intestinal blockages that could require surgery.

Can tennis balls be toxic to dogs?

The tennis ball can split apart in the back of the throat, blocking your dog’s airway. This can be fatal for your dog. The tennis ball can also break down into pieces as the dog chews, which creates a high risk that your dog will ingest those pieces.

Should I let my dog chew tennis balls?

The problem is that dogs have strong jaws capable of compressing a tennis ball. If that compressed ball pops open in the back of the throat, it can cut off a dog’s air supply. … Tennis balls should always be put out of reach after a game of fetch, and no dog should ever be allowed to use them as a chew toy.

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Can a dog pass a rubber ball?

My dog swallowed a soft rubber toy. … Roscoe is a big dog, so this may pass without problem. You can take him into a vet immediately to have vomiting induced to get it out, or you can monitor him for the next couple of days.

How do I stop my dog from eating tennis balls?

Providing a suitable chew toy will work to focus their attentions, and then giving it to them less and less over time works well to stop chewing in general. If they are young, then letting them chew on the tennis ball may just be your best bet.

Are tennis balls non toxic?

No chemicals are added for bounce as is done with real tennis balls, plus the nonabrasive polyester felt won’t wear down teeth like a regular tennis ball will. Tuff Balls are certified non-toxic, colorfast, and conform to US and European child toy safety standards (CPSIA, ASTM-F963, EN-71).

Tuff Balls – Nonabrasive Nontoxic Felt Balls.

Ball Size Diameter
Large 4″

Why is my dog obsessed with tennis balls?

Stress and Anxiety

Most dogs develop anxiety whenever they are left alone for too long or they are exposed to new things they’ve never seen. For a pooch that’s obsessed with their ball, that anxiety a develop anytime they don’t have the ball. This could lead to wining, destructive behavior, and even health problems.

Why does my dog like tennis balls so much?

Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls More Than Other Balls? Playing with a tennis ball that can bounce in many directions will get your dog excited and help them connect to nature. … The felt on a tennis balls means that they get a very personal scent from the dogs mouth too, and they can smell that it’s their very own ball.

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What should I do if my dog eats rubber?

If you know your dog swallowed an object, call your veterinarian immediately and take your dog to the vet’s office as soon as possible. The doctor may be able to induce vomiting or retrieve the object from the stomach before serious problems set in.

What are the symptoms of a blockage in a dog?

Symptoms of a Bowel Obstruction

  • Vomiting, especially when repetitive.
  • Weakness.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Dehydration due to inability to hold any water down.
  • Bloating.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Hunching or whining.

Why do dogs eat rubber?

Some dogs just love to chew on hard plastic, while others destroy and eat plastic objects to deal with boredom or anxiety. … These digestible foreign bodies can become lodged in your dog’s esophagus, stomach, or small intestines.

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