Can my dog have water before blood work?


To get accurate blood test results, make sure your pet has access to clean drinking water. Just like food, water intake can also affect the integrity of your pet’s blood test results. Even the slightest dehydration can dramatically change the results.

Can dogs drink water before a blood test?

Keep water available.

Even mild dehydration may change the test results, so be sure your pet has access to water before your visit to the veterinarian.

Does fasting for dogs include water?

(Above applies to Blood testing only!) 12 hour fast: No food after 8:00pm. Please leave water available until 6:00am to prevent dehydration.

Can you have fluids before blood work?

Yes, you can drink water while fasting before a blood test—in fact, drinking plenty of water can help ensure that you receive accurate test results. Dehydration can affect certain blood tests such as cholesterol, electrolyte and BUN tests.

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Can dogs drink water before surgery?

The most important thing you can do the morning of your dog’s surgery is make sure he does not have access to food or water. Eating and drinking could cause your dog to aspirate during anesthesia, which is potentially life-threatening.

Do dogs need to be fasting for blood work?

Just like you would when you get your blood drawn for routine and specialized blood tests, your pet also needs to fast beforehand. Fasting ensures that contaminants from food and byproducts created by digestion don’t skew blood test results.

Can my dog drink water before abdominal ultrasound?

How should I prepare my pet for the ultrasound? Pets having an ultrasound should not eat for twelve hours prior to the procedure; therefore, please do not feed your pet after 8 p.m. the night before the exam. Please continue to provide free access to fresh water.

How long does it take to get blood work back for dogs?

And depending on what test it is, it’s either 24 hours to perhaps 48 to 72 hours for some of the longer taking tests. It’s completely variable and depends on what it is and the lab test. But anywhere from minutes for point-of-care diagnostics or a few days for some of the bigger, harder-to-find tests.

Can dog drink water before teeth cleaning?

Can my pet eat or drink before their dental cleaning appointment? Your pet should not have any food after 10pm the night before but can have water until their admitting appointment.

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Can you drink water before glucose test?

DO NOT eat or drink anything except WATER for at least 8 hours before the test. You may drink plain water ONLY. Do NOT drink coffee, tea, soda (regular or diet) or any other beverages. Do NOT smoke, chew gum (regular or sugar-free) or exercise.

Can you drink water when fasting for labs?

Fasting means you don’t eat or drink anything but water usually for 8 to 12 hours beforehand. If your appointment is at 8 a.m. and you’re told to fast for 8 hours, only water is OK after midnight. If it’s a 12-hour fast, avoid food and drink after 8 p.m. the night before.

How do you hydrate before drawing blood?

The solution to this issue is simple: drink plenty of water before your blood draw. Start drinking plenty of water the morning of your draw, and in the waiting room before your draw. You don’t need to drink so much that you are uncomfortable, but enough that you are urinating a light straw color.

How long can my dog go without water?

How Long Does Dehydration Last in Dogs? Your pet can survive without drinking water for about 72 hours (three days). However, it’ll show signs of dehydration after the first 24 hours.

How long before anesthesia can a dog drink water?

This typically involves withholding food for approximately 10-12 hours prior to surgery. It is okay for your pet to drink normal amounts of water, unless instructed otherwise. This is very important as it ensures your pet will have an empty stomach during anesthesia and will decrease the risk of vomiting.

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Can I drink a little water before surgery?

You are encouraged to drink clear liquids — NOT milk or dairy products — until 2 hours before the time you are scheduled to arrive at the hospital or surgery center. Staying hydrated is good for you, and it’s especially important in hot weather! Certain procedures may require special preoperative fasting instructions.

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