Can you bury a person on top of another?


Can you bury a person on top of another?

Companion plots can be two plots side-by-side, or a single plot in which the caskets are buried on top of each other (often referred to as “double depth”). Because cremated remains take up less space, many cemeteries allow multiple urns to be buried in a single plot.

Why are caskets locked before burial?

For protecting the body Caskets, be they of metal or wood, are sealed so that they protect the body. The sealing will keep the elements, air, and moisture from getting inside the coffin.

What is exhuming a body?

With roots in the Latin word exhumare (literally translated to ‘out of the ground’), exhumation is the process of unearthing buried human remains for any number of reasons.

Can you bury two bodies in casket?

Originally Answered: Can 2 deceased bodies be buried together? It’s not legal to bury two bodies together if one of them is not deceased. It’s a pretty common practice to have cremains of a loved one buried in an existing casket of spouse or parent who preceded the decedent.

Can you bury an urn with a casket?

Ashes interred in a cemetery will require a burial plot. If you want to have the urn buried with another casket, it may be necessary to have purchased a “double depth” plot in which the first casket is buried deeply, leaving space above it for the second burial.

When do you have to transport a body in a coffin?

Anyone having died of a communicable disease must be transported in a sealed, closed coffin or casket, and buried within 48 hours, Regulation 36. This is a situation where open coffin viewing is NOT permitted. Anyone handling the body needs to take very special precautions so as to not catch the disease.

Can you put two bodies in the same coffin?

A larger coffin most times cannot be transported. But 2 coffins may be placed atop eachother. And some will allow one body plus one set of remains in one coffin. It really all depends.

Can a casket be transported on an airplane?

Different airlines have their own protocols and if you do not follow them you may not be permitted to board the aircraft. Airlines refer to the transport of a deceased person in a casket or coffin as H.R. (human remains). There are considerably more requirements to be met for International air transport than for Domestic air travel.

Can a casket be transported in New Zealand?

Anyone with a valid driver’s licence for the class of motor vehicle that the deceased is being transported in can transport a body in a casket or coffin within New Zealand.

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