Can you remove power steering pump without removing pulley?


Can you remove power steering pump without removing pulley?

Can You Remove the Power Steering Pump Pulley Without a Puller? Technically you can do it, but you shouldn’t attempt it under any circumstances. Think about just how much force is produced by the engine, even when it’s idling.

Are power steering pump pulleys held in place by a press fit?

The power steering pulley is held on the the pump shaft with friction, a simple press fit. To remove the pulley from the shaft, a puller is used. Pulley remove starts by inserting the shaft of the threaded puller into the hole of the pump shaft.

Should power steering pulley spin freely?

Without the friction of the drive belt and the engine NOT running, all driven pulleys should turn freely without noise when spinning by hand. The P/S pump and water pump pulley will have some drag (resistance) but still turn freely with little resistance when turned relatively slowly.

How do you remove a pulley from a power steering pump?

First, place the power steering pump in a vice on a work bench. Attach the pulley removal tool to the pulley. Guide the locking nut onto the edge of the pulley. Using a socket and ratchet, slowly loosen the pulley while holding the pulley attachment nut with a corresponding end wrench.

What happens when a power steering pulley breaks?

This pressure is applied to the hydraulic fluid inside the lines that connects the pump to the steering gear box. When the power steering pump pulley is wearing out or has broken, it may display a few common warning signs that indicate service is needed.

Where is the serpentine belt on a power steering pump?

To remove the serpentine belt, loosen the tensioner pulley that is located on the left side of the motor (as you’re looking at the motor). Once the tensioner pulley is loose, you can slip the belt off rather easily.

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