Do some fluids flow faster than other fluids?


Do some fluids flow faster than other fluids?

Lesson Summary All liquids flow, but some flow faster than others. Viscosity is the property of a liquid that describes how fast or slow it will flow; generally the thicker the liquid, the slower and more viscous it is.

Why do liquids have different viscosity?

Because its molecules can slide around each other, a liquid has the ability to flow. The resistance to such flow is called the viscosity. Liquids whose molecules are polar or can form hydrogen bonds are usually more viscous than similar nonpolar substances.

Does the shape of the liquid remain the same?

No. Because the particles in a liquid can move freely, a liquid has no definite shape and fixed volume.

Why do some liquids flow faster than others?

Some liquids are more viscous than others. This means that they are thicker and flow less easily. In terms of particles, viscosity is how easily the particles of the liquid move over each other. But if it is harder for the particles to move over each other, the liquid is viscous.

What flows faster than water?

Honey and other highly viscous fluids can flow faster than water in specially coated capillary tubes. This surprising discovery was made by Maja Vuckovac and colleagues at Finland’s Aalto University who also show that the counterintuitive effect stems from suppressed internal flows within more viscous droplets.

Which liquid flow the fastest?

Studies of the superhot material, first done about a decade ago, have revealed QGP is the hottest, least viscous known liquid and is capable of forming the smallest drop of liquid ever seen. And now, it’s also the fastest known spinning liquid, as reported in August by the STAR collaboration in Nature.

Why do fluids flow faster in the Centre of pipes?

Adhesion causes gases and liquids to travel faster near the centre of pipes and tubes than at the edges. The fluid’s attraction to the material the pipes and tubes are made of slows down the flow of the fluid. In a similar way, water flows faster at the centre of a stream or river than along the edges.

Why might the flow of a liquid be important to an engineer?

Fluid dynamics provides methods for studying the evolution of stars, ocean currents, weather patterns, plate tectonics and even blood circulation. Some important technological applications of fluid dynamics include rocket engines, wind turbines, oil pipelines and air conditioning systems.

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