Does Bulgaria have wolves?


Does Bulgaria have wolves?

Endangered Species Bulgaria has one of the largest brown bear populations in Europe. Bulgaria is thought to have up to 1200 wolves, though sadly they are considered a threat to livestock and can be shot by farmers.

Are there grizzly bears in Bulgaria?

There are between 400-700 brown bears in Bulgaria. The densest populations are in Central Balkans and in the Central Rhodope. A research in the region (60 000 ha) of Trigrad, Devin and Shiroka Luka shows that it is inhabited by about 40-50 bears. The hides are constructed along some of the most used bear routes.

Does Bulgaria have crocodiles?

Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe situated entirely in the Balkan peninsula. The other two extant orders, Crocodilia and Rhynchocephalia, are not represented in Bulgaria.

Do lions live in Bulgaria?

In Southeast Europe, the lion inhabited part of the Balkan Peninsula, up to Hungary and Ukraine during the Neolithic period. It survived in Bulgaria until the 4th or 3rd century BC. Around 1000 BC, it became extinct in the Peloponnese.

Are there mountain lions in Bulgaria?

In one sense, it’s a curious choice because there are no lions in Bulgaria. The only big cats native to the country are the Eurasian lynx and European wild cat. Lions, however, are a symbol of power, courage, and authority. They feature in the folklore and symbolism of many cultures.

Are there wild horses in Bulgaria?

The feral Konik (Equus caballos), that are now roaming free in Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria, is a “recovery” of the Tarpan (Equus ferus ferus) and also known as the Eurasian wild horse. The look-a-like Tarpan that is reintroduced in Bulgaria is also known as Konik (Polish for ‘little horse’).

Are there Foxes in Bulgaria?

Fox. The fox can be encountered in many places in Bulgaria, usually in forest areas. If you visit Sofia, you are likely to see foxes in Vitosha mountain, the closest mountain to the capital.

Are there tigers in Bulgaria?

What is the most common animal in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria’s native wildlife includes bears, wolves, wild boars, red foxes, and hedgehogs. Some animals unique to Bulgaria are the marbled polecat, gray dwarf hamster, red deer, and steppe polecat. Bulgaria’s native birds include storks and pelicans. Fish species include the Balkan trout and common minnow.

Are there hyenas in Bulgaria?

There are no hyenas in Bulgaria. Red foxes, gray wolves, and golden jackals are the only members of the Canidae family native to Bulgaria.

How many species of animals are there in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is home to some 56,000 kinds of animal, including over 400 species of birds (more than half of all bird species found in Europe), 38 types of reptile, over 200 species of freshwater and saltwater fish (of which about half are found along the Black Sea coast), and 27,000 types of insect.

Are there any wolves that live in Bulgaria?

The number of wolves in Bulgaria has decreased dramatically over the last century and it is now an endangered species. Wolves live in parts of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains), Strandzha Mountains, the Rhodopes, and around the city of Ruse.

What kind of animals live in Sliven, Bulgaria?

Inland, Blue Rocks Nature Park near Sliven is home to the insect-spearing red-backed shrike, as well as golden eagles and vultures. Common and bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises live in the Black Sea – though, sadly, in decreasing numbers.

What kind of plants are found in Bulgaria?

About 250 of Bulgaria’s 10,000 or so plant species are endemic and many have indigenous names, such as Bulgarian blackberry and Rodopi tulip. The silivriak, with its pale pink flowers, grew all over Europe before the last Ice Age, but is now found only in southern Bulgaria, particularly in the Rodopi Mountains, where it’s reasonably abundant.

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