Does Sards shorten a dog’s life?


Unfortunately, there is currently no proven treatment or prevention for SARDS and the blindness it causes is irreversible. The good news is that SARDS is not a painful condition and that it does not reduce your dog’s life expectancy. Many dogs adjust very well to being blind.

What does a dog with Sards see?

What are the signs of SARDS? Dogs with SARDS appear to go blind very quickly, over a period of days to weeks. Some owners report periods of time where their dog still appears to have some small degree of vision, but most dogs seem to be completely blind. Affected dogs are often seen bumping into walls or furniture.

Can dogs live with Sards?

Treating SARDS

Sadly, there is no scientifically proven treatment for SARDS and most dogs are irreversibly blind. The good news is that the condition is not painful and dogs living with the condition go on to live long, happy lives. … Acute blindness can be an adjustment for both pets and pet parents.

Can dogs with Sards see light?

Intermediate SARDs: Dogs with intermediate SARDS usually have near normal or normal day vision, have complete night blindness, have abnormal chromatic pupil light reflex responses, and completely extinguished ERG responses “flat ERG”.

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Does Sards affect both eyes?

SARDS is a middle age disease in dogs, and approximately 60% of affected dogs are females. … Therefore, the diagnosis of SARDS is made based on the patient’s history, the presence of partial to complete blindness in both eyes, normal appearing retinas, and characteristic changes on an electroretinogram (ERG).

Is it cruel to keep a blind dog?

If your dog has lost its sight, you might be wondering if it’s cruel to keep it alive like that. Is your dog suffering too much? The simple answer is no. Veterinarians tell us that dogs adapt very well to losing their vision.

How can I help my dog with Sards?

To date, there is no successful treatment available for SARDS. A clinical research group treated some dogs with a human drug called IVIG. Some of the treated dogs regained guidance vision but a full recovery was not achieved in any of the cases.

How long can a dog live with Sards?

CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Blindness and concurrent systemic signs associated with SARDS appeared to persist indefinitely, but only polyphagia increased in severity over time. Most owners believed their pets had good quality of life and would discourage euthanasia of dogs with SARDS.

Why did my dog go blind so fast?

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration (SARD), Immune-Mediated Retinal Detachment Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus Induced Mature Cataract are common causes of blindness in dogs.

Can blind dogs see shadows?

Some dogs can see shadows and light, but their depth perception is off. … Most dogs build a “mental map” of their surroundings, and even blind dogs that lose their sight overnight can remember where things are, after a brief period of reintroduction.

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Are dog Sards rare?

Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, or SARDS, is a rare disease in dogs that causes sudden blindness. The current cause of SARDS is still unsure. Medical understanding of the cause of SARDS is poor with only a few theories.

How do you make a blind dog easier?

Here are 18 tips for helping your blind buddy navigate life at home and outdoors.

  1. Give your dog a safe zone. …
  2. Talk to your dog frequently. …
  3. Keep a consistent routine. …
  4. Let others know your dog is blind. …
  5. Create location cues. …
  6. Dog-proof your home. …
  7. Always keep food and water in the same place. …
  8. Use scents during activities.


How does a dog get Sards?

The cause of SARDS is considered to be idiopathic and the veterinary community is divided as to its cause, but the most common hypotheses on the causes of the disease possibly include autoimmune disease, or exposure to toxins.

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