Does Steve McGarrett have a baby?


Does Steve McGarrett have a baby?

Steve stands up and asks her whose baby is it. To which Mary replies it’s hers. Steve doesn’t believe her, but Mary says she adopted the baby. Mary says the adoption’s been in the works for awhile but she kept on the down low in case Steve was critical about it.

Are Steve McGarrett and Wo Fat half brothers?

Back in reality, Steve later discovers that he and Wo Fat are brothers or presumably half-brothers given that Wo Fat grew up with Doris McGarrett. Wo Fat after being killed by Steve.

Why does Doris McGarrett protect Wo Fat?

Here’s the answer — spoiler alert — Doris wants to atone for killing Wo Fat’s mother and save his father, Yao Fat (George Cheung) who has been imprisoned for 20 years in order to keep him quiet. As in, Yao Fat knows too much, we can’t kill him, so we have to keep him alive just in case we need 20 year old intel.

What happened to Mary McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O?

It is implied that the creators of Five-0 named her after Mary MacArthur, the older half-sister of James MacArthur, who played Danny in original 1968 Hawaii Five-O. Mary MacArthur was an inspiring stage actress, but died from polio at the age of 19 in 1949.

What happened to Danny’s daughter on Hawaii Five-O?

In “A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly”, Grace ends up in a car accident along with a friend and they all assume that she was responsible, but was proven otherwise and was welcomed home by the Five-0 team.

[Hawaii Five-0] Joan McGarrett || Truly Madly Deeply

Who is Wo Fat to Doris McGarrett?

Wo Fat (Chinese: 禾发) is the name of a fictional villain in the CBS series Hawaii Five-O. On the show, Wo Fat is the nemesis of Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord and Alex O’Loughlin), the head of Hawaii’s (fictional) special task force, Five-O.

Who is Wo Fat father?

Yao Fat is the father of the late Wo Fat and the husband of Lei Kuan Fat.

Who is Wo Fat’s wife?

Present for this meeting is Wo Fat’s wife, Daiyu Mei (Eugenia Yuan), who returns in the present to kidnap Danny (Scott Caan) in hopes of exchanging him for the cipher sent to Steve by his late mother, Doris (Christine Lahti).

Why did the character Max leave Hawaii Five-0?

“I think character-wise, I felt Max had done too much of everything he can do,” said Oka in an interview with Entertainment Weekly announcing his departure.

How did Wo Fat burn his face?

As they find the crash site, a wounded Wo Fat shoots at them, only hitting Chin in his vest and shooting out one of Savannah’s cameramen’s camera before they stumble upon him to show that he has sustained severe burns on one side of his face from the crash and begs McGarrett to kill him, but he doesn’t and he arrested …

Do Kono and Adam have babies?

Erased future. In a possible future envisioned by Danny Williams, Adam and Kono had a child together.

Who gets married on Hawaii Five-O?

On the eve of Chin Ho’s wedding to Malia, the Five-0’s investigation crosses paths with Capt. Fryer’s case of a Jane Doe.

Why did Catherine leave McGarrett?

Explaining her absence, we learn that she would remain in Afghanistan, devoting her time to search for the son of the man who saved her life. Following on from that, she turned up at such events as Kono and Adam’s wedding, and she would then leave McGarrett soon after.

What does McGarrett say after Aloha?

Ha is what gives aloha its deeper meaning, and in this case, it is a sharing of friendship and brotherhood. It wasn’t until McGarrett says, “A hui hou,” which means “until we meet again” that really made his exit feel a little hopeful.

Who killed Wo Fat?

Steve McGarrett killed 2 people, including Wo Fat.

Why is Kaye working with Wo Fat?

Character information

Jenna Kaye was a CIA analyst who was on leave to hunt down Wo Fat because he was involved with the killing of her fiancé a highly respected CIA Agent, because of a set up.

Who killed Steve McGarrett’s father?

In the pilot episode, he was murdered by Victor Hesse which in turn led to the creation of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force as John’s son, Steve sought to avenge his father’s murder by killing Hesse.

How many languages does Steve McGarrett speak?

Multilingual: In addition to his native English, Steve is fluent in Hawaiian and Mandarin, conversational in Korean and Japanese, and understands Pashto. Interrogation: The sharpest and most efficient interrogator in 5-0.

Why did Adam and Kono break up?

In the episode “Is Borne on the Back; Is Borne in the Arms,” airing tonight at 9/8c, it is revealed that Adam’s wife Kono — who for over a year has been chasing sex traffickers on the mainland — has given him the hook.

What episode does Steve find Mom?

Season 2. In the Season 2 finale, Ua Hala, confident that Wo Fat was behind bars, Joe brought Steve to a house in Suruga, Japan and told Steve he was sorry before disappearing. When Steve knocked on the door, he was reunited with his mother after nearly twenty years and realized that she was “Shelburne”.

Is the governor working with Wo Fat?

After one of governor Jameson’s assistants is killed, McGarrett discovers that the governor may have been working with Wo Fat and may have been the target of his father’s investigation.

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