How did Jean Hoerni die?


How did Jean Hoerni die?

He was awarded the Edward Longstreth Medal from the Franklin Institute in 1969 and the McDowell Award in 1972. Hoerni died of myelofibrosis on January 12, 1997 in Seattle, Washington. He was 72.

Why did Shockley choose Mountainview?

Shockley had become convinced that the natural capabilities of silicon meant it would eventually replace germanium as the primary material for transistor construction. The Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory opened for business in a small commercial lot in nearby Mountain View in 1956.

What is a planar transistor?

[′plā·nər tran′zis·tər] (electronics) A transistor constructed by an etching and diffusion technique in which the junction is never exposed during processing, and the junctions reach the surface in one plane; characterized by very low leakage current and relatively high gain.

What is the use of planar transistor?

The planar process is a manufacturing process used in the semiconductor industry to build individual components of a transistor, and in turn, connect those transistors together. It is the primary process by which silicon integrated circuit chips are built.

What companies evolved from the traitorous 8?

It’s hard to overstate the legacy and impact the Traitorous Eight had on the semiconductor industry and the tech world in general. More than 65 technology companies can trace their roots to Fairchild, including firms like National Semiconductor, Advanced Micro Devices (Nasdaq: AMD ), and Intel (Nasdaq: INTC ).

Who was Dr Shockley?

William Shockley, Stanford professor and winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize in physics for his co-invention of the transistor, was arguably the single person most responsible for ushering in the computer age. He was also an ardent eugenicist whose theories of black racial inferiority eventually made him an academic pariah.

How did the first point contact transistor work?

Brattain attached a small strip of gold foil over the point of a plastic triangle — a configuration which is essentially a point-contact diode. He then carefully sliced through the gold at the tip of the triangle. This produced two electrically isolated gold contacts very close to each other.

Who developed planar transistor?

physicist Jean Hoerni
Planar Transistor-Type 2N1613 (Sealed Package), Fairchild, 1960. To solve problems with Fairchild’s transistors for the Minuteman I missile computer, physicist Jean Hoerni developed the planar process. His solution saved the company and changed the industry.

Who invented the planar process?

Jean Hoerni
Jean Hoerni Invents the “Planar” Manufacturing Process.

In what year did Jean Hoerni develop the planner transistor?

This is a typical 1-inch diameter wafer from 1959, when Jean Hoerni developed the planar manufacturing process.

Who invented planar?

Jean Hoerni Invents the “Planar” Manufacturing Process : History of Information.

What did Jean Hoerni do for a living?

He was a silicon transistor pioneer, and a member of the ” traitorous eight “. He developed the planar process, an important technology for reliably fabricating and manufacturing semiconductor devices, such as transistors and integrated circuits . Hoerni was born on September 26, 1924 in Geneva, Switzerland.

How old was Michael Hoerni when he died?

Hoerni died of myelofibrosis on January 12, 1997 in Seattle, Washington. He was 72. He was married to Anne Marie Hoerni and had three children: Annie Blackwell, Susan Killham, and Michael Hoerni. He had one brother, Marc Hoerni. His second marriage to Ruth Carmona also ended in divorce.

When did Jean Hoerni invent the planar process?

The planar process was invented by Jean Hoerni, with his first patent filed in May 1959. The planar process was critical in the invention of Silicon Integrated circuit by Robert Noyce.

What did Jean Hoerni invent with Robert Noyce?

Biography. At Fairchild, Hoerni invented the planar process, which was critical in the invention of Silicon Integrated circuit by Robert Noyce. With Noyce, Jack Kilby from Texas Instruments is usually credited with the invention of the integrated circuit, but Kilby’s IC was based on Germanium.

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