How did Jin Sakai father died?


How did Jin Sakai father died?

Lord Kazumasa Sakai (境井 正; Sakai Kazumasa) was Jin Sakai’s father and the former Samurai lord of Clan Sakai. He was killed in a raider ambush during the final days of the pacification of Iki Island.

How old was Jin Sakai when his father died?

Jin faced much tragedy as he grew into adulthood. At the age of seven, he lost his mother, while he saw his father die in front of him as a teenager.

What happened to clan Sakai?

Clan Sakai was officially dissolved by the Shogun after Khotun Khan’s defeat, due to Jin’s actions as ‘The Ghost’, mainly his poisoning of the Mongols who had held Castle Shimura as such an act violates the Samurai Code of Honor.

Was Jin Sakai real?

1 Jin May Be Fictional, But His Life Is Authentic

These people did not exist in Japan, and one person did not defeat the Mongols. However, the way these two lived was pretty authentic to the time. The development team enlisted the help of two real-life, modern-day samurai to bring Jin’s story to life.

Who saved Jin Sakai?

Jin is one of eighty samurai who were sent in a desperate suicide attack against the Mongols at Komoda Beach. During the battle, Jin was knocked unconscious, while his uncle Lord Shimura was captured. Jin was narrowly saved by the thief Yuna, who nursed him back to health and saved him from the Mongols.

Ghost of Tsushima Jin’s father death & funeral scene

Is Jin Sakai a human?

After the battle, Taka remarks that he’s never seen any samurai fight the way Jin has before. Yuna crafts a tale to explain Jin’s superhuman abilities, boasting to onlookers that Jin is not human, but a vengeful ghost – a story that sticks and results in Jin becoming known as the legendary Ghost of Tsushima.

Who is Jin Sakai mother?

Lady Chiyoko Sakai was the mother of Jin Sakai and wife of Jin’s father, Lord Kazumasa Sakai of Clan Sakai. She was also the sister of Lord Shimura. She died from an illness when Jin was seven years old, changing Kazumasa forever.

Was Khotun Khan a real person?

Jin and Lord Shimura’s adversary, Genghis Khan’s grandson Khotun Khan, isn’t real either — though Genghis Khan did have many grandsons. In actuality, it was Kublai Khan who led the Mongol Empire during the First Mongol Invasion of Japan.

Did Tsushima beat the Mongols?

The real invasion of Tsushima island occurred in 1274 and was spearheaded by Kublai Khan, who ruled the Mongols from 1260 to 1294. The Mongols, unfortunately, slaughtered all of Tsushima and defeated So Sukekuni’s forces – Sukekuni was likely the inspiration for Ghost of Tsushima’s Lord Shimura, Den of Geek notes.

Will there be a Ghost of Tsushima 2?

Ghost Of Tsushima 2 is expected to be one of Sony’s big triple-A exclusives for PS5 in the coming years, building off of what the team was able to do with the first game.

How is Jin related to Shimura?

Lord Shimura (志村 Shimura) is the tritagonist of Ghost of Tsushima. He is the jito (地頭; lord) of Tsushima (appointed by the shogunate) and Jin Sakai’s maternal uncle. After Jin’s father died, Shimura continued Jin’s training in the way of the samurai.

Is Yarikawa real?

One thing I want to get out of the way: Tsushima is a real place. Locations you find, like Yarikawa, Kaneda Castle, or Komoda Beach, can be visited in the real world (Ideally after the Pandemic).

What happened to Yuna after Ghost of Tsushima?

Yuna and Taka were drugged, taken advantage of, and later sold to the cruel slavers, the Mamushi brothers. Yuna and Taka, alongside another slave named Ichi, attempted an escape. However, Ichi was recaptured. After their escape, Yuna and Taka presumably live a nomadic life on Tsushima Island until the Mongols invaded.

Who killed Jin’s father in Ghost of Tsushima?

Eventually, Kazumasa and his soldiers were led into an ambush in Senjo Gorge, where Kazumasa was killed by Tenzo with his son witnessing.

How many endings does the Ghost of Tsushima have?

Ghost of Tsushima only has only two endings, which is still double the number in many open world video games.

What is the canon ending for Ghost of Tsushima?

The final moments of the Ghost of Tsushima all come down to an emotional bout between Jin and Lord Shimura, Jin’s uncle. In the end, players are given an option to spare Lord Shimura against his wishes, embracing Jin’s titular “Ghost” persona, or uphold the honor Jin once had, giving Lord Shimura the death he asks for.

Who is Khotun Khan based on?

Khotun Khan appears to be based on Kublai Khan, who was the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire during this time. Although he was technically the fifth Khagan of the Mongol Empire, Kublai’s reign is known for his founding of the Yuan dynasty in China after conquering it and ruled until his death in 1294.

Is Ghosts of Tsushima real?

The Ghost of Tsushima has been inspired by true events, but the journey the players will go through in the game is fiction. The players get to play as the character Jin Sakai, whose task is to remove the Mongol Forces that have infiltrated the island of Tsushima and take back control.

Is Tsushima real?

While widely referred to as “Tsushima Island”, Tsushima is actually an archipelago made up of over 100 smaller islands, all situated halfway between Kyushu and the Korean Peninsula. The archipelago is the closest Japanese territory to the Korean Peninsula.

Is Khotun Khan relation to Genghis Khan?

Biography. Khotun Khan is a cousin of Kublai Khan and grandson of Genghis Khan.

Is Ghost of Tsushima map accurate?

Tsushima doesn’t map directly onto Tsushima. The actual island is too large and mountainous. It’s been flattened—quite literally. Take it from me, a journey across the real Tsushima on foot or horseback would be far longer and more tedious than what the game protagonist Jin Sakai undertakes.

Is jins father the guiding wind?

Guiding Wind is a navigational aid used by Jin Sakai to help players discover the island of Tsushima and all of its secrets and collectibles. It is a representation of Jin’s father Lord Sakai (as the Yellow Songbird is of Jin’s mother).

Is Jin a ronin?

Ronin are a special unit after Jin has faced only Mongol soldiers in combat during the course of the game. The Ronin, just like Jin, are trained in the way of the Samurai and are excellent duelists.

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