How did Max help Kevin?


How did Max help Kevin?

Physically, Max carries Kevin around on his shoulders. This enables Kevin to experience life as if he could walk normally. He is also able to participate in normal activities, such as watching fireworks and seeing over the tops of people’s heads during the Fourth of July activities in chapter 7.

Why did Max cry after his dinner at Kevin’s?

Max cries after his first dinner with Kevin and Gwen because he’s incredibly happy. Everyone had a good time, and Max was laughing “like a maniac” at Kevin’s strange and funny robot stories.

What gift has Kevin made for Max?

Kevin has made Max an incredible, pyramid-shaped box that unfolds to reveal a small platform at the press of a button. On the platform is a hand-made dictionary of Kevin’s favorite words. Max thinks this is the best present ever as he reads ‘ABSCISSA, the horizontal truth.

Why did Max leave freak alone?

At this point, Max leaves Kevin alone for two reasons: Kevin obviously has a physical deformity and refers to himself as “Robot Man.” First, it is obvious to Max (and to everyone else) that Kevin is physically deformed because he has braces on his legs and uses crutches to get around.

Why did Max miss the funeral?

Why does Max miss Kevin’s funeral and Gwen going away? Max misses all of that because it would be to sad for him and he would start crying in from of everybody.

What is freak’s real name?

Kevin “Freak” Avery is a disabled, blonde-haired boy whom Max becomes best friends with.

What does the cop say to Max?

Then, one of the cops asks for the boys’ names so they can start calling mothers. When Maxwell tells them his name, one cop says the following: “Hey, isn’t that Kenny Kane’s boy? Must be.

Why does Max like the 4th of July?

Perhaps that is why he likes the holiday. Readers will come to learn that Max’s dad is a terrible person, but Max doesn’t remember too much about him. Perhaps Max remembers somewhere in his subconscious that the Fourth of July would always see his dad so drunk and numb that it was tolerable to be around him.

Why is Kevin hitting the tree in Freak the Mighty?

In Freak the Mighty, Kevin is angrily hitting a tree in his backyard because his ornithopter is stuck in one of the branches, and he cannot get it down.

Why did Max not feel sorry for Kevin?

Max didn’t feel sorry for Kevin because he perceived him as a very intelligent human being while others saw him only as a deformed human being. How did Max and Freak recover the purse from the storm drain?

Why do you think nobody told Max that Freak was going to die?

Because Freak wanted to be treated like a normal kid and didn’t want Max to treat him any differently. Why do you think nobody told Max that Freak was going to die? He feels empty inside without Kevin. What does Max mean when he says, “for a long time I felt like I was a balloon and somebody had let the air out of me”?

Why does Max annoy Grim in Freak The Mighty?

Max keeps growing over the summer and is getting some muscle from carrying ”poor Kevin” around, as Grim calls him. It annoys Max when people say ”poor Kevin.”

Why did people make fun of Kevin in Freak The Mighty?

Kevin is brave and doesn’t care what people think about him. He’s a smart boy and people make fun of him just because he’s small. The only reason he small is because he has a disease called Morquio Syndrome. Max is a nice boy and people only judge him on his father’s actions.

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