How did the Sumerians get their food?


How did the Sumerians get their food?

As Sumerians were mostly agricultural people, they ate what they farmed: wheat, barley, lentils, beans, garlic, onions, milk ,and milk products. They made bread and beer from grains. Meat, usually from goats or sheep and occasionally cattle, was probably rare in their diets; the animals were too expensive to kill.

How did Sumerians grow large amounts of food?

Irrigation systems provided enough water for Sumerian farmers to grow plenty of food. The irrigation system passed through a number of villages as it carried water from the river to the fields. The system needed constant care and repair. Canals became clogged with silt, so farmers had to clean them regularly.

How did the Sumerians survive?

The Cradle of Civilization The constant sunshine was also good for crops. But without water, they would have easily dried up and died. Through the leadership of priest-kings, Sumerians organized farmers in each city-state to build extensive irrigation systems of canals and dams.

What food did the Sumerians eat?

Some notes to get you started: “The raw materials of the Sumerian diet…were barley, wheat and millet; chick peas, lentils and beans; onions, garlic and leeks; cucumbers, cress, mustard and fresh green lettuce.

What was the Sumerian food supply?

“Sumerians built networks of canals, dams, reservoirs to provide their crops with a regular supply of water. A plow represents stable food supply because it is the strategy they used to plant crops for food. All this evidence shows that stable food supplies helped make Sumer a civilization.

How did Sumerians plant seeds?

In addition to irrigation techniques, the Sumerians also developed a new way of planting crops. At first, farmers used oxen to dig trenches in the soil. They then followed behind by dropping seeds by hand in the soil. As the plow moved forward, seeds dropped from the funnel into the soil.

What crops did the Sumerians grow?

The main crops were barley and wheat. The Sumerians had gardens shaded by tall date palms where they grew peas, beans and lentils, vegetables like cucumbers, leeks, lettuces and garlic, and fruit such as grapes, apples, melons and figs.

How did the Sumerians increase their food production?

They brought in rich soil from beyond Mesopotamia. They imported new types of crops from Europe. They irrigated dry land to expand their farmlands. They used oxen-drawn plows and seed funnels to plant crops more quickly and easily. They relied solely on slave labor to increase food production.

What did the Sumerians use to hunt fish?

Sumerians hunted fish and fowl. Using the canals, farmers would flood their fields and then drain the water. Next they let oxen stomp the ground and kill weeds. They then dragged the fields with pickaxes.

What kind of irrigation did the Sumerians use?

The use of levees and canals is called irrigation, another Sumerian invention. (You can play an irrigation simulation game at the British Museum Mesopotamia website by opening the link at the bottom of this page.)

Why was Mesopotamia important to the Sumerians?

This is why Mesopotamia is part of the fertile crescent, an area of land in the Middle East that is rich in fertile soil and crescent-shaped. The Sumerians were the first people to migrate to Mesopotamia, they created a great civilization.

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