How do I change my email address on Monster?


How do I change my email address on Monster?

How to Change And Update Account Information On Monster

  1. Scan the boxes marked “Contact Info,” “Login & Email,” “Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action,” “Career Info,” “Updates and Offers” and “Newsletters” for information that needs change or an update.
  2. Click “Edit” in the appropriate boxes that you would like to update/change.

How can I change my login ID in TimesJobs?

It is possible to change your Email ID. It can be changed from the “Manage Profile” section by entering the new Email ID in the field and clicking “Submit”.

How do I upload a resume to Timesjobs?

is in process…

  1. *Name:
  2. *Email Id:
  3. *Mobile No: (If you do not have a mobile, enter Landline No.)
  4. *Job function: Please Select from Below Options.
  5. *Experience: Years Months.
  6. *Current Work Location: Please Select.
  7. Upload your Resume:* Only Word, Text, RTF, HTML, PDF or ODT files of up to 1024 KB.
  8. Continue.

How do you upload a resume to LinkedIn?

How to Add a Resume to LinkedIn

  1. Scroll down to Media and click “Upload.”
  2. Choose the resume file you have saved to your computer and click “Open.”
  3. Add a professional name to your resume file (because the file name and description fields are blank by default.)
  4. Click “Apply,” and then “Save.”

How do I permanently delete my Firstnaukri account?

You will be redirected to desktop site….Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your registered mail account.
  2. Search in your mail box with tags ‘Welcome to’ or ‘info'(the very first message you received from naukri while registering)
  3. Read your mail and select the link of DELETE option in your mail.

How do I permanently delete my Freshersworld account?

Follow these steps below to unsubscribe from Freshersworld Newsletter.:

  1. Go to the following URL ““
  2. Enter your Email Address.
  3. Click on Check Subscriptions.
  4. Select the service you want to Unsubscribe to.
  5. And finally, click on Submit to permanently delete your account.

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