How do I make a table invisible in Word?


How do I make a table invisible in Word?

Place your cursor inside the table to enable the table options, click “Table Tools” and select “Design.” Unfold the “Line Style” drop-down menu, the first of several in the Draw Borders section, and select “No Border.” Your cursor turns into a paintbrush, and clicking on a border segment will remove it.

How do I remove table borders in Word 2007?

1Select the table. 2Click the Borders command button to display the Borders menu. 3Choose No Border.

How do I hide table gridlines in Word?

Cannot Remove Borders or Gridlines in Microsoft Word

  1. You cannot remove gridlines.
  2. You cannot turn gridlines off for other users.
  3. You can turn off all borders in a table by clicking inside the table and hitting Ctrl+Alt+U, or click inside the table and (from the menu) choose Table Select Table, then Format Borders and Shading, click on the Borders tab and choose None.

How do I remove a table but keep the text in Word?

3 Answers

  1. Select the table.
  2. Go to the Tables Tools / Layout tab on the ribbon.
  3. Press Convert to Text.

How do I remove table borders in Word?

How to Remove the Borders from a Table in Microsoft Word

  1. First, go to Insert tab and click the drop down arrow of Table button.
  2. Drag the mouse to select the numbers of horizontal and vertical rows.
  3. When the table is completed, go to Design tab and click the drop down arrow of Borders.
  4. Unselect the table and click Outside Borders in the drop-down box.

How do I put a border on a none table?

8 Answers. Just collapse the table borders and remove the borders from table cells ( td elements). Without explicitly setting border-collapse cross-browser removal of table cell borders is not guaranteed. The HTML attribute for the purpose is rules=none (to be inserted into the table tag).

How do you put a border on a table?

To add a border to your table, you need to define the

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