How do I pass the CNA written test?


How do I pass the CNA written test?

How to Pass Your Multiple-Choice CNA Test: 6 Important Tips to Get You Through the Exam

  1. Read the question.
  2. Think of the answer before you read the options.
  3. Watch out for exceptions.
  4. Choose the best answer among the options.
  5. Be careful with “***** of the above”
  6. Come down to two choices.

What score do you need to pass the CNA written exam?


Is it worth becoming a CNA?

It’s emotionally rewarding Helping other people and seeing them get well or cope with their conditions is extremely rewarding, particularly for really compassionate people. Apart from that, learning that your patients and their relatives are able to appreciate you and the hard work that you do makes the job worth it.

How do I prepare for the CNA exam?

How to prepare for the CNA exam

  1. Take the practice test more than once.
  2. Purchase texts books from Amazon and use websites like CNA Training Help for videos, checklists, and reading materials.
  3. Find study partners to help you prepare.
  4. Do your research to learn about what to expect from the exam.

How do I become a nursing assistant?

There are four steps to becoming a CNA:

  1. Earn your high school diploma or GED;
  2. Complete state-approved CNA training (available online or at hospitals, community colleges, or The Red Cross);
  3. Complete in-person clinical requirement;
  4. Pass the certification exam & get listed on your state’s CNA registry.

How many skills are on the CNA exam?

five skills

How can a nursing student become a CNA?

Enrollment in an accredited BSN program and completion of foundational nursing skills coursework may qualify the student for certification as a CNA. Depending on the state-specific Board of Nursing regulations, BSN students may apply for CNA certification and listing on the state Nurse Aide Registry.

How long does it take to become a nurse assistant?

Generally, most certified nursing assistant programs take between four and 12 weeks. This is broken into instructional hours and clinical practice. A typical 120-hour CNA program offered over six weeks may include four weeks in class and two weeks in a clinical setting, depending on state guidelines.

What do nursing assistants do?

Nursing assistants help patients with activities of daily living like eating and bathing. Nursing assistants, sometimes called nursing aides, provide basic care and help patients with activities of daily living. Orderlies transport patients and clean treatment areas.

How much do nurses assistants get paid?

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary in California

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Certified Nursing Assistant Salary $33,304 CA
50th Percentile Certified Nursing Assistant Salary $36,544 CA
75th Percentile Certified Nursing Assistant Salary $40,350 CA
90th Percentile Certified Nursing Assistant Salary $43,815 CA

Do nursing assistants get drug tested?

CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant Must pass medical evaluation, background check and drug test. State Nursing Aide Registry with no findings or convictions of resident abuse, mistreatment or misappropriation of property.

Do Cnas get paid weekly?

CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant Full time and Part time available. C.N.A. These positions can be either full or part time on our evening shift (2PM-10PM) or overnight 10PM-6AM shift or part time on 6AM-2PM shift. You will be paid weekly.

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