How do you do a legal analysis of a fact situation?


How do you do a legal analysis of a fact situation?

How To Do a Legal Analysis of a Fact Situation

  1. State the issue(s) in the case;
  2. Describe what the law is based on the holdings of cases you have read for the course.
  3. Apply the law to the fact situation, stating the probable outcome of the case;

How do I use Lexisnexis for legal research?

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  1. Retrieve full-text documents by citation.
  2. Get and print by citation.
  3. Find a full-text case by name.
  4. Browse or search a table of contents (TOC)
  5. Browse statutes.
  6. Research a specific legal topic (Browse Topics)
  7. Refine your search results.
  8. Copy cites and text for your work.

How much does it cost to use LexisNexis?


Single Document Retrieval* Through LexisNexis at
Standard Content $24.00/link $24.00/link
Premium Content** $42.00/link $42.00/link
Case & Statutes $24.00/link $24.00/link
Briefs Pleadings and Motions Content, and IDEX-Expert Witness Trans & Depos $79.00/link $79.00/link

Why is LexisNexis on my credit report?

A LexisNexis or IIL footprint with the purpose ‘General Insurance’ is a notification that an insurer or broker generated a quote for insurance and requested LexisNexis carry out the search against the credit reference agency.

How much is Westlaw monthly?

Westlaw Features

Starting Cost $89/user/month
Free Trial
Apps iOS Web
US State Cases All 50 States

How much does Westlaw cost per hour?

WestlawNext Pricing – Up To $3400 Per Hour!!

Content Category Content Examples Per Hour
Cases state and federal cases $799.80
Statutes and Court Rules–State state statutory compilations $1,099.80
Statutes and Court Rules–Federal USCA® $1,200.00
Regulations–State state administrative compilations $900.00

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