How do you test engine cooling fans?


How do you test engine cooling fans?

That’s why you will need to test it. Unplug the fan connector closest to the fan. Make up some jumper cables. Then connect them directly, from the battery to the fan motor, to see if it spins.

When should a cooling fan kick on?

Temperature will often determine the time that a radiator fan starts up. A temperature-sensitive switch functions to turn the fan on and off periodically. Radiator fans are designed to start when the temperature of the engine coolant reaches around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

What happens when radiator fan doesn’t work?

The most common reasons a radiator fan is not working are luckily due to a blown fuse, bad relay, or a broken wire. It can also be caused by a faulty coolant temp sensor, low coolant level or the fan itself can be damaged.

What are the symptoms of a bad cooling fan relay?

One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing cooling fan relay is an engine that runs hot or overheats. If you notice that your engine is running at higher temperatures than normal, that may be a sign that the relay is not functioning properly. If the relay shorts or fails, it will not be able to supply the power for

How can I tell if my engine cooling fan is working?

Check it for a continuous wire with no breaks. Using a multimeter is another good way. So, if you find a blown fuse replace it. That may be all you need to get back on the road. But, If The Fuse Is OK, Move On To The Next Step. Engine cooling fans can and do wear out. That’s why you will need to test it. Unplug the fan connector closest to the fan.

What are the symptoms of a bad radiator fan?

Vehicle overheating Another symptom of a possible problem with the cooling or radiator fan motors is the vehicle overheating. The cooling fans are thermostatic and are designed to come on once a certain temperature is reached, or certain conditions are met.

When do you turn on the cooling fan?

Once the coolant temperature sensor detects that the engine temperature has exceeded acceptable levels, the cooling fans will be activated to keep the engine cool. Many vehicles come equipped with cooling fans that operate on more than one speed setting.

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