How does a drum switch work?


How does a drum switch work?

The drum switch is a manual switch that lets one manually reverse the direction in which a motor is turning. The switch contacts are open and closed manually by moving the drum switch from the off position to the forward or reverse position.

What’s a drum switch?

: an electric switch in which the connecting parts are held by spring pressure against contact surfaces in a revolving cylinder or sector.

Is a drum switch a motor starter?

Drum switch are not motor starters because they do not contain ___. Although the power circuit and control circuit operate together to control a motor, they are electrically isolated from each other through a ___. Limit. ___ switches may be used to provide automatic control of reversing circuits.

How do you wire a 3 phase switch?

Connect the wires coming from the main electrical panel to the screw terminals on the three-phase switch. Low-voltage connections will be secured as follows: black to L1, red to L2 and blue to L3. The high-voltage screw terminal connections are brown to L1, orange to L2 and yellow to L3.

Can a single phase motor be wired to a forward reverse switch?

In some instances, you might find a need to reverse the direction of a single-phase AC motor. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple task because most single-phase induction motors go in forward and reverse depending on their wiring and the resulting magnetic field.

How can I tell what kind of Drum switch I have?

You should start by figuring out which kind of drum switch you’ve got. The behavior of the drum switch is shown in the little 3×2 array diagrams (top of the first diagram, bottom of the second). Both diagrams are for the high voltage setting on a dual-voltage motor.

What kind of wire to use for Drum switch?

For 240 volts, connect one start winding wire to the junction of T3 and T2 (the start winding is always operated on 120 volts, even if the motor is 120/240 volts), and the other wire to a remaining drum switch terminal. For 120 volts, connect the start winding wires to the remaining drum switch terminals.

Do you need a 4 pole drum switch?

Basically you will need a drum switch with enough contacts to do the job. For single phase you will need a 4 pole drum switch to be able to break both hots and to switch the leads 5 and 8 (which you will need to bring from the motor to the drum switch).

Where does the start winding go on a drum switch?

The start winding (T5-T8) passes through the independent pair of switch contacts, and does not reverse. Since the start winding is reversed relative to the run windings, you get the reversing behavior.

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