How far is Hartford from Springfield?


How far is Hartford from Springfield?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 23.85 mi 38.38 km
Driving distance 27 mi 42.85 km

Is Springfield bigger than Hartford?

Both Hartford and Springfield were prosperous from the early 19th century through the 1960s as cultural, technological, and industrial centers. By 1960, Springfield had become more populous than Hartford, and remains more populous as of 2011.

What is Springfield Connecticut known for?

In addition to its nicknames, Hoop City, The City of Progress, and The City of Homes, Springfield is also known as The City of Firsts because of it’s many innovations: The first use of interchangeable parts and the assembly line in manufacturing, (1819, Thomas Blanchard)

Is it cheaper to live in CT or MA?

The cost of living in Boston, MA is 31.6% higher than in Hartford, CT. You would have to earn a salary of $78,943 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Boston, MA typically pay 4.8% more than employeers in Hartford, CT.

What is there to do in Springfield Connecticut?

Top Attractions in Springfield

  • Springfield Museums. 489.
  • Basketball Hall of Fame. 696.
  • Forest Park. 277.
  • The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum.
  • Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden.
  • Springfield Armory National Historic Site. 299.
  • The Zoo in Forest Park & Education Center. 130.
  • MGM Springfield. 161.

Is Bradley Airport the same as Hartford Springfield?

Owned and operated by the Connecticut Airport Authority, it is the second-largest airport in New England. The airport is about halfway between Hartford, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts….

Bradley International Airport
Serves Hartford, Springfield
Location Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Elevation AMSL 173 ft / 53 m

What is a good salary in Connecticut?

The organization’s family budget calculator estimates how costly it is to live in each of America’s 3,142 counties and 611 metro areas. The group estimates a family of two adults and two children in Fairfield County would need to earn a combined $109,497 per year — or $9,125 a month — to live comfortably.

Are taxes higher in CT or MA?

Connecticut has a progressive income tax structure, with rates ranging from 3 percent to as high as 6.99 percent, while Massachusetts has a flat 5.15 percent income tax rate. The Nutmeg State also has a slightly higher sales and use tax rate (6.35 percent vs. Massachusetts’ 6.25 percent rate).

What airlines fly out of Hartford CT?

Airlines flying from Hartford

  • JetBlue (B6)11 destinations.
  • Southwest Airlines (WN)8 destinations.
  • Spirit Airlines (NK)6 destinations.
  • American Airlines (AA)6 destinations.
  • Frontier Airlines (F9)5 destinations.
  • Breeze Airways (MX)4 destinations.
  • United Airlines (UA)4 destinations.
  • Delta (DL)3 destinations.

How early do I need to get to Bradley Airport?

60 to 90 minutes
Q: How soon before my flight should I arrive at at the airport? Passengers are suggested to arrive at the ticket counter 60 to 90 minutes before their domestic flight’s departure and 3 hours prior to their international departure.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in CT?

Cost of Living in Connecticut A family of two adults and two children would need a combined income of $118,551 per year—or $9,879 every month—to live comfortably. In Hartford, this goes down to $87,464 annually (or $7,289 per month).

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