How good a fielder was Stan Musial?


How good a fielder was Stan Musial?

Musial, 25, started 114 regular-season games at first base for the 1946 Cardinals. He ranked second among National League first basemen in double plays turned (119), fourth in putouts (1,056) and fifth in fielding percentage (. 989). Musial also led NL first basemen in errors (13).

What position did Stan Musial play for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Stan Musial/Position

From Wikipedia: Stanley Frank Musial (/ˈmjuːziəl/ or /ˈmjuːʒəl/; born Stanisław Franciszek Musiał; November 21, 1920 – January 19, 2013), nicknamed Stan the Man, was an American Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and first baseman. He spent 22 seasons playing for the St.

Who was better Stan Musial or Ted Williams?

Williams had higher averages and percentages, but he accounted for fewer bases and was worth four fewer wins over his career than Musial. Even Cobb, the all-time hits leader for three quarters of a century, managed to account for about 250 fewer bases than Musial.

Is Stan Musial the best baseball player?

Stan Musial Quite possibly the greatest person on this list, “Stan the Man” was a historically good player as well as a model citizen. The beloved St. Louis icon played his entire 22-season career with the city’s Cardinals franchise and is as inextricably linked with his town as an athlete ever has been.

How long did Stan Musial play baseball?

22 seasons
He spent 22 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB), playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, from 1941 to 1944 and from 1946 to 1963. Widely considered to be one of the greatest and most consistent hitters in baseball history, Musial was a first-ballot inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1969. He batted .

What year was Stan Musial a rookie?

Stan Musial/Career start

How many total bases did Stan Musial have?

Hank Aaron is the career leader in total bases with 6,856. Stan Musial (6,134), Willie Mays (6,080), and Albert Pujols (6,038) are the only other players with at least 6,000 career total bases.

What was Stan Musial known for?

Stan Musial was a professional baseball player who played with the St. Louis Cardinals from 1941 until 1963. Nicknamed “Stan the Man” because of the way he dominated the game, Musial was an outfielder, a first baseman, and a powerful hitter.

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