How long does it take to renew Indian CDC?


How long does it take to renew Indian CDC?

Recommend check CDC Replacement procedure, where Arvind K states CDC Replacement time to be 45 days.

How do I renew my CDC after expiry?

hover over on “Submit Application” Select your desired option as explained above “Renewal CDC (New)”, “Replacement of the CDC”, “Duplicate CDC ”. Fill out all the data & Generate Application No. Enter Permanent Address and Contact Details and click “CONTINUE”. Under pay fees click “CONTINUE”.

How much is it to renew CDC?

1000/- (only for duplicate / replacement CDC), drawn in favour of the respective the Shipping Master. Demand Draft should be kept on top of the application. Non-refundable fee of Rs.

How can I replace my Indian CDC?

Original mutilated / torn / damaged CDC to be sent to Shipping Master Office along with signed online application….Indian CDC replacement procedure 2019.

Self attested scan copy of proof of Indian citizenship document (Passport or any other document) Scanned in PDF format

How long does it take to renew CDC?

(CDC) Rules, 2001 can be renewed on expiry or within 6 months prior to the date of expiry, on request from the holder, and that the time period of 6 months provided in the rules is not adequate for a seaman, engaged on a voyage, to complete the voyage and apply for revalidation and accordingly the time period is …

How do I track my CDC status?


  1. Put your CDC number and Date of Birth and enter.
  2. you can see your CDC details.

How do I check my CDC status?

How do I check the status of my CDC renewal?

How do I stick my CDC renewal sticker?

Use only CAPITAL LETTERS while filling your CDC Renewal form. Avoid over-writing ! Write on top left hand of the envelope (containing documents/CDC renewal form) in BLOCK LETTERS Replacement/Duplicate/Revalidation of CDC as required. No fees levied for re-validation of CDC (CDC Sticker).

What is the fees of Indian CDC?

Get Indian CDC on the basis of STCW 2010, SDSD, INDOS NO. Fees for Complete Package of STCW 2010 + STSDSD+ INDOS NO + MEDICAL with CDC is 30,000 INR only.

How can I check my Indian CDC renewal status?

How do I track my CDC application?

Click on print application to take a print of the submitted application to be submitted along with the documents. Click “View fresh CDC application status” to view the status the of the application. Click to view the submitted application.

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