How long does the Pokewalker last?


How long does the Pokéwalker last?

Battery Life: The battery will last about 4 months if the Pokéwalker accessory is used about 30 minutes a day and about 10,000 steps are taken.

What Pokémon can be found in the Pokéwalker?

List of Pokémon found through the Pokéwalker

# Pokémon Number of steps
016 Pidgey 0+ steps
161 Sentret 0+ steps
202 Wobbuffet 4000+ steps
069 Bellsprout 3000+ steps

Does the Pokéwalker increase friendship?

As PokéWalker is a pedometre, when you walk about, your Pokémon will slowly raise level and happiness. This will allow you to raise your Pokémon as you go about your daily lives.

What does a Pokéwalker do?

The Poké Walker is a device that was released with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This pedometer based virtual pet allows the player to take any one Pokémon that they have captured in the game and download it onto the Poké Walker from their in game Pokémon storage PC.

How many levels can you get in the pokewalker?

In total, a Pokémon can only gain one level every time they are sent to the Pokéwalker, and will not gain any more experience if it exceeds that level. Pokémon cannot learn moves or evolve by leveling up in the Pokéwalker.

What’s the best way to play with your pokewalker?

A fun Route to play with your Pokéwalker. Take a Stroll and visit the many places! You can find many Pokémon on this Route. Take a long walk and see if you can find them all! If you’re aiming to be Champion, you’ll want to walk this Route!

What happens when you transfer Pokemon to pokewalker?

When you transfer your Pokémon to PokéWalker, the game selects one Pokémon from each of three groups on the course, depending on how much you’ve done on that course. While that Pokémon is in the PokéWalker, you can only get one Pokémon of those three Groups. To try for another Pokémon, you need to remove the Pokémon and put it back in.

How does the battle system work in the pokewalker?

The battle system of the Pokéwalker is primitive: each Pokémon utilizes their in-game menu sprite in the battle, and each has only 4 HP. A player can either Attack, Evade, or Catch the wild Pokémon, while the wild Pokémon in turn may Attack, Evade, or Run from battle.

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