How many balloon dogs has Jeff Koons made?


There are five of Jeff Koons’s Balloon Dogs. They measure 307.3 × 363.2 × 114.3 cm. Each work is made from precision engineered, mirror-polished, stainless steel and finished with a translucent coating of either blue, magenta, orange, red, or yellow.

How many balloon dog sculptures are there?

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dogs are part of his famous 1994 Celebration series, constituted of party objects, polished and shiny. The series is composed of about 20 large-scale sculptures, as well as about 15 oil paintings.

How many Jeff Koons balloon dogs are there and what colors are they?

There are five versions of Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dogs (1994 to 2000). The versions all appear identical in shape and size, but they are in five different colors, namely, blue, magenta, orange, red, and yellow.

How much is the Balloon Dog sculpture worth?

More Stories by Seth. Pop-art provocateur Jeff Koons has broken a world record for a price paid for a single artwork by a living artist. His sculpture “Balloon Dog (Orange)” fetched $58,405,000 at a Christie’s New York auction on Tuesday night.

Who made the first balloon dog?

For better and for worse, Jeff Koons’s “Balloon Dog” sculptures are now the stuff of art history, with a 1994–2000 orange version auctioned for $58.4 million at Christie’s in 2013, at the time time setting a record for the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold.

How much did Balloon Dog sell for?

These playful sculptures are now among the most iconic works of contemporary art. In 2013, his 10-foot-tall Balloon Dog (Orange) (1994–2000) was purchased for $58.4 million at Christie’s, setting a new record for the most expensive work ever sold at auction by a living artist.

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How much did it cost to make balloon dog?

Jeff Koons’ $58.4M Orange Balloon Dog and 10 Other Cool Balloon Pieces |

Who is Jeff Koons wife?

Proving the overwhelming success of his vision, in 2013, his Balloon Dog (Orange) sold at auction for $58.4million – a world record-breaking price for a living artist. Koons has always vehemently maintained that there are no hidden meanings in his work.

When was the blue balloon dog made?

The featured piece was a gleaming porcelain limited edition of Balloon Dog (Blue), 1994-2000, originally a 10-foot-tall mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture that’s on view at The Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles.

Why is Jeff Koons balloon dog so famous?

Balloon Dog (Orange) broke the records seven years ago when it was sold for $52 million. As a result, it went into the record books by being the most expensive artwork by a living artist. The price was the highest by any Koons piece of artwork, breaking the previous record of $33.7 million.

Who invented balloon animals?

Several historians believe the art may have gotten its start with Herman Bonnert from Scranton, Pennsylvania, who some believe started twisting balloons into animal shapes at magicians’ conventions in the late 1930s. Others believe the ancient Aztecs may have been the first balloon artists.

Where is Jeff Koons balloon dog located?

Insurance and homebuilding billionaire Eli Broad, well-known for his arts philanthropy, owns “Balloon Dog (Blue),” currently on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Why did Jeff Koons make puppy?

While Puppy was created as a symbol of love and happiness, it was firmly embedded in Koons’ vernacular of late capitalist excess.

What is the most difficult balloon animal to make?

The most difficult of the balloons on this page, the poodle balloon animal is not one you want to try for the first time at your first gig.

How much are Jeff Koons?

Jeff Koons net worth: Jeff Koons is an American artist who has a net worth of $400 million. Jeff Koons was born in York, Pennsylvania in January 1955.
Jeff Koons Net Worth.

Net Worth: $400 Million
Profession: Artist, Contemporary artist, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

Who created Bird in Space?

In 2013, Jeff Koons’ “Balloon Dog (Orange)” – a 12-foot-high, orange-tinted, stainless steel sculpture resembling a dog made from balloons – was sold at Christie’s for $58.4 million (£36.49 million).

Where is the yellow balloon dog located?

Shuwaikh Industrial Area, Kuwait.

What do balloon animals symbolize?

In 1993, Jeff Koons began Celebration, a series of large-scale sculptures consisting of tulips, eggs, hearts—and his infamous balloon dogs. According to Koons, the inflatable animals are a representation of breath and human life.

What museum has the Balloon Dog?

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Yellow), 1994-2000 | Whitney Museum of American Art.

Does Jeff Koons have siblings?

Rabbit is a 1986 series of three identical stainless steel sculptures by Jeff Koons. One of the editions of Rabbit is the most expensive work sold by a living artist at auction, being sold for $91.1 million in May 2019.

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Is Jeff Koons married?

The most expensive artwork ever sold at auction was Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Christ, “Salvator Mundi,” which hammered down at an unbelievable $450.3 million in 2017 at Christie’s.

How old is Jeff Koons?

Jeff Koons uses various artistic techniques: installation, photography, painting and sculpture in all materials (wood, marble, glass, stainless steel) right up to computer-assisted creation his favourite technique for paintings, which are then shaped onto canvas by his assistants.

What is today’s art called?

The answer is simple: contemporary art is art made today by living artists. As such, it reflects the complex issues that shape our diverse, global, and rapidly changing world.

What are the 7 elements of art?

ELEMENTS OF ART: The visual components of color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.

What was the first balloon animal ever made?

Human Sacrifices Might Have Occurred

The Aztecs are believed to have made the first balloon animals using cat bowels. These balloons animals were however not for fun and entertainment; they were sacrifices presented to Aztec Gods.

How long have balloon animals been around?

The first commercial sausage balloons were produced in 1912, and Americans began twisting balloons to make animals in the late-1930s or early-1940s.

How much is Jeff Koons Puppy?

The approximately $119,000 restoration cost might seem excessive, but consider that in the context of Koons’ other works. Back in 2019, his Rabbit sculpture sold for more than $91 million at Christie’s Auction House — the most for work by a living artist at auction.

Where is Jeff Koons Puppy located?

Puppy is located on the grounds of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, and therefore available for viewing at times unrestricted by the Museum’s hours of operation.

Where is the flower dog?

Since it opened in 1997, a guard dog known as Puppy has guarded the doors of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with a changing mantle of tens of thousands of flowers.

Who is the richest living artist?

Damien Hirst – Net Worth $1 Billion

Damien Hirst is an English artist, art collector, and entrepreneur, grossing the highest net worth of $ 1 billion and making him the current richest artist.

Who is the world’s most expensive living artist?

Particularly famous for his innovative as audacious techniques, the most expensive and best-selling living artist in the world is Jeff Koons. His shiny and flashy stainless steel sculptures such as his ‘Rabbits’, ‘Balloon Dogs’ or ‘Tulips’ are easily recognizable.

Whats the most expensive painting?

This is a list of the highest known prices paid for paintings. The current record price is approximately US$450.3 million (which includes commission) paid for Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi in November 2017.

How much is Bird in Space worth?

This sculpture is also known for containing seven marble figures and nine bronze casts Brancusi created the piece over 14 times and in several mediums over a period of 20 years. It was sold in 2005 for $27.5 million, at the time a record price for a sculpture sold in an auction.

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How much did Bird in Space sell for?

NEW YORK (CNN) — A rare marble version of “Bird in Space” by Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi sold Wednesday at Christie’s auction house for $27.4 million, a world record for a sculpture at a public auction.

Why is it called Bird in Space?

Bird in Space (L’Oiseau dans l’espace)

The streamlined form of the present Bird in Space (1932–1940), stripped of individualizing features, communicates the notion of flight itself rather than describing the appearance of a particular bird.

Why does Jeff Koons use stainless steel?

Stainless steel as a sculptural material

This is where Koons really does impress me. Stainless steel is generally thought of as a hard flat material, versatile but hard, koons somehow transforms stainless steel into a soft, pliable material, his Ballon Dog in Orange looks like you could pop it with a pin.

How was Jeff Koons balloon dog made?

Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dogs are made from mirror-polished stainless steel and painted over with a coating of translucent paint in the respective colors we see in all five versions.

What do purple balloons mean?

It’s a day to remember those impacted by the opioid crisis. Black and purple balloons are displayed as a symbol of opioid addiction. The black balloons represent those who have passed away as a result of addiction and the purple balloons represent those recovering.

What do pink balloons symbolize?

Now, pink balloons are being used as a symbol of solidarity with Manchester. At a vigil in Germany on Tuesday, balloons were released to honor the victims of the deadly attack. Some restaurants in the U.K. have tied pink balloons outside to show their support.

Who invented balloon dog?

For better and for worse, Jeff Koons’s “Balloon Dog” sculptures are now the stuff of art history, with a 1994–2000 orange version auctioned for $58.4 million at Christie’s in 2013, at the time time setting a record for the most expensive work by a living artist ever sold.

Who created the balloon dog?

ALBERT LAMORISSE’S “White Mane” (1953) and “The Red Balloon” (1956) are among the world’s most famous and most honored films for children.

What is Jeff Koon best known for?

Koons is widely known for his iconic sculptures Rabbit and Balloon Dog as well as the monumental floral sculpture Puppy (1992), shown at Rockefeller Center and permanently installed at the Guggenheim Bilbao.

Who is the most famous artist today?

The 30 Most Popular Modern and Contemporary Artists

  • Cindy Sherman (b. 1954)
  • Liu Xiaodong (b. 1963)
  • Cecily Brown (b. 1969)
  • Liu Wei (b. 1965)
  • Miquel Barcelo (b. 1957)
  • Takashi Murakami (b. 1962)
  • Günther Förg (1952-2013)
  • Luo Zhongli (b.

What religion is Jeff Koons?

Koons, 64, was born to a Protestant family in York, Pennsylvania. Hyperallergic has yet received a reply to its inquiry as to which religious faith, if any in particular, was responsible for artist’s epiphany.

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