How many possible floors are there on Tiny Tower?


How many possible floors are there on Tiny Tower?

there are 145 commercial floors.

How do you get more workers in Tiny Tower?

How to increase your dream jobs on tiny tower

  1. Find a free apartment place.
  2. Move in a new bitizen.
  3. Go to bitizen list and check their dream job. In this case it’s Grocery Store.
  4. If you already have 3 job dreams, evict the one with the lowest experience.
  5. Cya.
  6. Place the new bitizen and receive another 2 bux. 🙂

Is VIP worth it in Tiny Tower?

Normal price is $39.99 for US residents (may differ for other countries). Occasionally the package goes on a 50% off sale. It’s a great way to support Nimblebit, and is generally worth the money if you plan on playing the game for a very long time!

What is underneath Tiny Tower?

Deep pylons are set in the ground to steady the player’s ever-growing tower, with strange bits, bones, and trash buried as well. There are varying opinions on who the bones belong to. However, the statue may be a reference to Jimmy Hoffa, based on a Bitbook post (seen below). A buried statue.

How do you get VIPs in Tiny Tower?

VIPs arrive randomly to the elevator in the lobby. There are 5 types of VIPs, each performing a helpful task in your tower and typically saving you time or Tower Box. You do not get coins for transporting the VIPs to the desired floor.

What is the highest level a floor can be in Tiny Tower?

Each Commercial floor may be upgraded to a maximum level of 10 by using Bux (or golden tickets, see below).

What is a dream worker in Tiny Tower?

Dream Jobs Each bitizen has a dream job. Placing a bitizen in their dream job earns 2 tower bux, and doubles the restocking quantity of one item at their place of employment, without increasing the stocking time.

How long do VIPs stay in lobby Tiny Tower?

4 Answers. For the most part, they will wait there until you want to make use of them. However, if you tap on them to start the elevator, you will be forced to deliver them to some floor before you can take any other actions such as restocking or constructing a new floor.

How many costumes are there in Tiny Tower?

There are more than 200 cute costumes in the Tiny Tower. Collect all your favorite costumes. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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What kind of work can Tower climbers do?

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