How much does a dog handler make in the Marines?


MWD Handler salaries at US Marine Corps can range from $38,175-$41,759.

How do you become a dog handler in the Marines?

Job Details and Requirements

  1. Must currently hold MOS 5811.
  2. Possess no fear of dogs.
  3. To protect against certain infections from dogs, handlers must have a spleen.
  4. Must be a volunteer.
  5. Complete the Military Working Dog Basic Handler Course, Specialized Search Dog Handler Course or Combat Tracker Dog Handler Course.

How long does it take to be a Marine dog handler?

Upon successful completion of Basic Military Training, MOS 31K Handlers will attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for 17 weeks. The AIT will be broken into two phases and cover how to care for, handle, and train a Military Working Dog.

How much does a drug dog handler make?

Drug dog handlers work with their dogs in drug detection investigations. While they are not required to have college education, many do. They are law enforcement officers with skills in perception and leadership, and they earn a median annual salary of $61,380.

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Do Marine dog handlers get deployed?

While deployed, military working dog handlers will be extremely busy. They will be asked to do patrols with military police units or infantry units.

What qualifications do you need to be a dog handler?

You’ll need:

  • the ability to teach people and animals how to do something.
  • physical skills like movement, coordination and dexterity.
  • the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • the ability to work on your own.

Do military dog handlers keep their dogs?

Reality: This wasn’t always a myth. Tragically, after the Vietnam War, military dogs were left behind and not brought home with their handlers. … That is simply not true and it has not happened since Vietnam. Every military working dog is brought back to the U.S. bases from which they deployed with their handlers.

Do Marines use dogs?

Marine Corps military working dogs deploy alongside Marine dog handlers to combat zones and even aboard ships for patrols and drug and explosive detection missions. Stateside, they can be used for drug detection and other law enforcement purposes.

Can you enlist for 31K?

31K here, it is possible to enlist into it but you have to be extremely lucky and or be willing to wait a long time. But if you somehow manage to get it you will still be a cop. Our job is to work the road with our dog if we aren’t deployed.

Can you have dogs in the Marines?

Companion animals will now be allowed in barracks rooms. … Each Marine is limited to one animal, which may not be of the same type due to breeding concerns. Before a Marine obtains an animal to keep as a pet, they must submit a package to their command to show they are responsible enough to keep the animal.

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Do bomb sniffing dogs get paid?

Since Sept. 11, 2001, government agencies, corporations, cruise ships and the worried wealthy have been willing to pay up to $125 an hour for bomb-sniffing dogs, and double that sum for short-term jobs. An annual contract, for one dog and his handler, can exceed $200,000.

How do I become a K9 Detection Handler?

In order to become a TSA Canine Handler a candidate must complete the TSA National Explosives Detection Canine Program. Those accepted to the TSA program are candidates who are either transportation security inspectors or local/state law enforcement officers.

How do you become a K9 handler?

Steps to Becoming a K9 Officer

  1. Acquire the necessary education and/or job experience to become a police officer.
  2. Apply for an open police officer or law enforcement position.
  3. Undergo a background investigation and be fingerprinted.
  4. Take and pass a polygraph test.
  5. Take and pass a series of physical fitness tests.


How do you become a infantry dog handler?

How to become a dog handler in the Army

  1. Take the military aptitude test. …
  2. Complete basic training. …
  3. Attend advanced individual training. …
  4. Complete certification. …
  5. Participate in active duty. …
  6. Veterinary technician.
  7. Security guard.
  8. K-9 law enforcement officer.


Can an army officer be a dog handler?

Enlisted soldiers and officers can become military dog handlers, provided they meet physical requirements and have completed mandatory training programs.

How do you become a police dog handler?

Police dog handler

  1. You must first join the police force.
  2. The entry requirements are in the job profile on Police Officer.
  3. You must work a 2-year probationary period before you can apply to join the dog section.
  4. Entry to the dog section is competitive and there is sometimes a waiting list.

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