How much does it cost to feed a Bernese mountain dog?


The cost to feed a Bernese Mountain Dog. Bernese Mountain Dogs are very large and grow to be 95 lb. on average (usually 70 to 115 lb.). They will need a lot of food and owners can expect to spend $260-$530/year for a puppy and $185-$585/year for an adult dog.

How much food do Bernese mountain dogs eat?

As a general rule healthy Bernese will eat from 3-6 cups of good quality food daily. A four-month-old will eat more than an eight-week-old pup. At 6-8 months the food intake will usually be at an adult proportion or slightly greater depending on the dog’s environment and system.

How much does it cost to feed a Bernese mountain dog a month?

How much does it cost to feed a Bernese Mountain Dog? Weighing around 90 pounds on average, the Bernese Sennenhund is large that will need to eat a lot too. The annual cost for feeding this dog in a high-quality diet is about $900. This is about $75 per month to keep his energy levels high and keep him healthy.

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What is the average cost of a Bernese mountain dog?

Bernese Mountain Dogs

From a reputable breeder, this giant dog usually costs between $1,000 to $2,500. These dogs are wonderful family pets. They’re loyal, affectionate, intelligent and easy to train.

How much does it cost to feed a dog per month?

It is important to feed your dog a high-quality dog food and healthy dog treats. 1 This typically costs somewhere from $20 to $60 per month ($250 to $700 per year). Food expenses vary based on the size and energy level of your dog as well as the quality of the food.

Can a Bernese mountain dog be left alone?

Due to their friendly and people-orientated natures, the Bernese Mountain dog is prone to suffering from separation anxiety, they don’t like being left alone for too long and can get lonely and frustrated. When they feel frustrated, they will become destructive and chew anything they can get their paws on.

Are stairs bad for Bernese Mountain Dogs?

Due to Bernese Mountain Dogs having such an enormous size and weight, it’s easy for them to strain themselves without technically doing much. Depending on your Berner’s age and current health, going up and down stairs too often can lead to both short term and long term injuries.

What is the lifespan of a Bernese mountain dog?

6 – 8 years

Is it worth getting a Bernese mountain dog?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is steady-tempered and easygoing. … But some Bernese males are aggressive toward other male dogs. Responsive to obedience training in a slow, good-natured way, this sensitive breed should be handled kindly, with much praise and encouragement. However, they’re not complete pushovers to train.

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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs worth it?

Large and powerful yet calm and good-natured, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. For many, the Bernese Mountain Dog price is well worth it considering what great pets they make. … Back in the day, the dog was used to pull carts, drove cattle, guard farmyards and serve as a companion.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs smart?

Cheerful and intelligent, the Bernese mountain dog is known to be affectionate and playful with children and other pets. Considered easy to train, this intelligent breed will follow your lead; early socialization is recommended before any bad habits can set in.

What is the most expensive dog?

Top-10 Most Expensive Dogs

  • Dogo Argentino – $8,000. …
  • Canadian Eskimo Dog – $8,750. …
  • Rottweiler – $9,000. …
  • Azawakh – $9,500. …
  • Tibetan Mastiff – $10,000. …
  • Chow Chow – $11,000. …
  • Löwchen – $12,000. …
  • Samoyed – $14,000. Coming in at the #1 overall spot for the most expensive dog in the world is the Samoyed originating from Siberia.


Why do Bernese mountain dogs have a short lifespan?

The biggest factor in the short lifespan of the Bernese Mountain Dog is their high rate of cancer. … Another reason for the short Bernese Mountain Dog lifespan is that they are very prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, cruciate ligament rupture, and other mobility problems that can cause pain and difficulty walking.

Is owning a dog worth it?

Sharing your home with a canine friend can bring you much joy. … However, making the decision to get a dog shouldn’t be taken lightly. Owning a dog takes a lot of time, money, and commitment – over 15 years worth, in many instances. Dog ownership can be extremely gratifying, but it’s also a big responsibility.

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What is the cheapest dog breed?

Beagle. A Beagle’s low-maintenance coat and affordable bathing cost of only $23 per grooming make this one of the least expensive dog breeds to own. These friendly, happy dogs cost approximately $650 to buy and have a life expectancy of 11 to 15 years.

How long can you leave a dog alone?

How long is too long when leaving a dog home alone?

Age of the dog Time spent alone
Puppies 2 hours a day is the limit.
Adult dogs (over 18 months) Can be left alone 4 – 6 hours a day.
Elderly dog Can be left alone 2 – 6 hours.

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