How much does kendo equipment cost?


How much does kendo equipment cost?

Basic kendo armor consists of a helmet, pair of padded gloves, chest plate, and a belt piece. Kendo bogu can range in cost from $350 all the way to several thousand dollars.

What equipment do you need for kendo?

Kendo armor (bogu) is the nicest equipment of the sword martial arts. The equipment used in kendo consists of a face mask (helm; helmet) secured to the head by two cords, a chest guard (breastplate; cuirass), padded gloves (gauntlets) and a waist and hip guard (gladiator skirt).

What is kendo gear called?

Bōgu (防具, “armour”), properly called kendōgu (剣道具, “kendo equipment”), is training armour used primarily in the Japanese martial art of kendo, with variants used for jūkendō, tankendo, and naginata.

What do kendo people wear?

Kendo is practiced wearing a traditional Japanese style of clothing, protective armor (防具, bōgu) and using one or, less commonly two, shinai (竹刀, shinai).

Can I teach myself kendo?

While Japanese sword arts such as kendo, kenjutsu and iaido can be learned and advanced with practice at home, it may be beneficial to find a regional dojo you can attend at least once a month for corrections to your at-home training material.

Is kendo the same as samurai?

Kendo is one of traditional Japanese martial arts, or budo, that arose from the samurai, or warrior in feudal Japan, fighting with bamboo “swords.”Kendo players wear protective gear like armor over kimono-like training wear.

What are the 8 needed equipment for kendo?

beginning study in kendo:

  • 1. “ Shinai” (bamboo training sword)
  • 2. “ Bokken” or “Bokuto” (wooden sword)
  • 3. “ Keikogi” or “Dogi” (kendo practice jacket)
  • 4. “ Hakama” (traditional Japanese trousers)
  • Bogu Bag with Wheels. Many kendo practitioners use a bogu.
  • Shinai Bag. There are many different styles of.

How much does a kendo stick weigh?


Specification Gender Daito (long shinai)
Weight Male 440g minimum
Female 400g minimum
Minimum diameter of sakigawa Male 25mm
Female 24mm

What do you need to start kendo?

Starting kendo is easy. All you need to begin is to first register, order a shinai and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. In the eight week beginner course, you will learn the basic principles of kendo, from how to hold the shinai, footwork and the basics of using the weapon, to etiquette and vocabulary.

What is a kendo sword called?

A shinai (竹刀) is a Japanese sword typically made of bamboo used for practice and competition in kendo. Shinai are also used in other martial arts, but may be styled differently from kendo shinai, and represented with different characters.

How do I start kendo at home?

How to Learn Kendo at Home

  1. Set up a Studio. Establish an at-home studio for your regular kendo training sessions.
  2. Train Daily. Create a daily training regimen that combines basic stretching and strengthening exercises with the “waza,” or techniques, learned in kendo.
  3. Add in DVDs.
  4. Find a Partner.

How much does it cost to start kendo?

You can purchase a set of your own starting at around $450 for a decent set. The club also has several sets available for rent at a reasonable monthly fee.

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