How much does the average cleaning service cost?


How much does the average cleaning service cost?

For pay-by-the-hour cleaning services, most companies charge a fixed rate that varies from between $30 to $50 per hour per cleaner….Hourly Rate.

Floor Cleaning $30-$120 $95
Fridge Cleaning $20-$50 $49
Move-In Cleaning $120-700 $400

How can I save money cleaning houses?

7 Ways to Reduce Cleaning Service Costs

  1. Leave off the kids’ rooms.
  2. Apply the “10 minute pick-up” rule.
  3. Rotate your cleaning service.
  4. Cleaners should tackle your less-used rooms only upon request.
  5. Exclude the basement.
  6. Don’t go for various add-on offers.
  7. The ultimate money saver.

Do you pay cleaners before or after?

If you are just starting your cleaning business, the easiest way to get paid is by having the customer pay you by cash or check. Make sure to tell them that you accept payment in advance or upfront at the time of cleaning. For first-time or one-time cleanings, I have the customer pay in cash.

Is it cheaper to make your own cleaning products?

It’s cheaper In fact, most DIY cleaners cost less than $1 to make. Compare that to $5-$15 per bottle for most store-bought products, and you’ll quickly find that you really can’t afford to not make your own cleaning products.

Do you tip cleaning service?

Although most house cleaners charge by the hour for the job, you may have to tip them for the service. They should provide information about how much to tip. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to tip $10-$20 per service. Most services rely on tips to pay their workers over minimum wage.

Do you tip your maid?

Tipping is never mandatory, so you do not ever have to feel obligated to provide a tip, but cleaners certainly appreciate being recognized for a job well done.

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