How much horsepower does a Massey Ferguson 165 tractor have?


How much horsepower does a Massey Ferguson 165 tractor have?

Massey Ferguson 165

Massey Ferguson 165 Power
Engine (gross): 58.3 hp 43.5 kW
Gas PTO (claimed): 47 hp 35.0 kW
Diesel PTO (claimed): 51 hp 38.0 kW
Plows: 4

What year is a Massey Ferguson 165?

Massey Ferguson 165

Model history
Model introduced 1964
Model discontinued 1975
Model status Discontinued
Engine Specification

How many horse is a Massey 165?

Here is what we know about this Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor. It has a 4 cylinder diesel or gasoline engine that produce 58.3 horsepower and it has two wheel drive and four wheel drive models that weigh up to 7760 pounds.

What does a Massey 165 weigh?

Massey Ferguson 165 Dimensions

Massey Ferguson 165 Weight
Operating: 5005 lbs 2270 kg (gas)
5085 lbs 2306 kg (203 diesel)
5830 lbs 2644 kg (212 diesel)
Ballasted: 7760 lbs 3519 kg

What engine is in Massey Ferguson 168?

The Massey Ferguson 168 was fitted with a 3.9-litre, four-cylinder Perkins diesel engine. Perkins, who built the tractor’s engine, increased the stroke length from 114 mm in the 165 to 122 mm.

What horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 185?

Massey Ferguson 185

Massey Ferguson 185 Power
Engine: 75 hp 55.9 kW

What is the horsepower of a Massey Ferguson 165?

The Massey Ferguson 165 was one of the Massey Ferguson 100 series tractors introduced in 1964 in the UK. It had a 48 hp (36 kW) Perkins or Continental engine .

What is the difference from a Massey 165 to a 265?

The greatest difference between the Massey 165 and the Massey 265 is in weight, with a stock 265 weighing in at almost a 1,100 pounds heavier than the 165 (6,100 lbs. versus 5,005 lbs.). This is due to higher-capacity rear lift assembly. Where the 165 was rated at 3,594 lbs. of rear lift, the 265 increased lift 15 percent to 4,100 lbs.

What year was Massey Ferguson 165 made?

MASSEY-FERGUSON 165 Production Details. Manufactured by: MASSEY-FERGUSON. Years Made: 1964-1975. Price at production date: $6,690.00. MASSEY-FERGUSON 165 Horsepower

Where is the serial number on a Massey Ferguson tractor?

Look through the Massey Ferguson owners manual if applicable for the tractor’s serial number. The serial number will be either on the front cover or within the first two pages. If not, move on to the tractor.

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