How much is a heater motor?


How much is a heater motor?

A new blower motor will run between $50 and $100. Most blower motors sit in the dash underneath the glove box, and are accessible for replacement. Installation will run in the range of $80–$100. If the heater motor needs to be changed at the same time, the price for a new one will run around $40–$50.

How much does it cost to replace inducer motor?

Although the range can be anywhere from $85 to $1,150, the average cost of replacing a furnace inducer motor is typically between $245 and $465. When the damaged or broken part is under warranty and all you’re paying for is labor to have it installed you can expect to pay around $245.

How long does it take to replace an inducer motor?

The most common repair time range is 45 to 75 minutes.

What causes an inducer motor to go bad?

Why Furnace Inducer Motors Fail Unplug the furnace, which removes power to the system. One reason the motor’s shaft locks up is that the motor’s bearings may be seized, preventing it from turning. Another reason has to do with the windings inside the motor.

How do you tell if the blower motor is bad or the resistor?

Symptoms of a bad heater blower motor resistor

  1. Fan does not work at all, so no air comes out of the vents.
  2. Fan only works on some speeds and not others.
  3. Fan only works on the highest speed.
  4. Fan runs all the time and can’t be controlled with the fan switch.
  5. You see smoke coming out of the vents.

How much does a blower motor for a furnace cost?

On average nationwide, a furnace blower motor replacement costs $400-$600, including parts and labor. A single-speed blower motor costs around $450 to replace while a variable-speed motor costs $600+.

How much does inducer motor cost?

How much does an inducer motor cost?

How long do inducer Motors last?

A: On average, you can expect a well-built inducer motor to last around 20 years.

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