How much is Tommy Bates worth?


How much is Tommy Bates worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Thomas R Jr Bates is at least $1.66 Million dollars as of 10 May 2021. Thomas Bates owns over 15,000 units of Tetra Technologies stock worth over $1,477,119 and over the last 17 years he sold TTI stock worth over $0.

When was Pastor Tommy Bates born?

Tommy Bates was born in 1926.

Is Pastor Tommy Bates married?

Principal | Community Christian Academy. Mrs. Bates has had two sons and a daughter successfully graduate from C.C.A. to pursue college degrees with honors at local universities. She has been married to Pastor Tommy Bates since 1979 and filled the position of pastor’s wife at Community Family Church for over 30 years.

Who is Tommy Bates NZ?

Last month Kiwi socialite Jaime Ridge left New Zealand and headed Stateside to spend time with her new flame, Tommy Bates. Bates is a social media guru and is known for dating high profile women, such as Samantha Hayes and Reign star Canadian actress Rachel Skarsten.

Who is Tom Bates?

Thomas Bates is an aspiring musician. He allegedly went to LA seeking his big break. You can hear his few original songs on his YouTube channel. Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Bates decided to return to Florida and ride the pandemic out there.

Is Jaime Ridge engaged?

As reported by Spy, the couple got engaged in September 2019 while holidaying on the Mediterranean with Ridge’s mother, Sally, and her former boyfriend, rich-lister Glenn Cotterill.

Who is Matthew Ridge married to?

Sally Ridgem. 1988–2001
Matthew Ridge/Spouse

What does Thomas Bates do?

Who is Matthew Ridge married to now?

What does Matthew Ridge do now?

Around 2010, Ridge stepped out of the limelight but now he is back on television, hosting Prime’s Designing Dreams, a new six-part local series focusing on prominent New Zealand architects. Matthew Ridge says Designing Dreams provides instant gratification.

Is Mark Ellis still married?

Former All Black Marc Ellis and his wife, jewellery designer Agustina Ellis, have split. Sources close to the pair confirmed the separation to the Herald on Sunday. The pair, who have been married nine years, have two children, Sofia, aged 6, and Tomas, 4. Yesterday, the couple declined to comment.

Who did Marc Ellis marry?

Agustina Monm. 2006
Marc Ellis/Spouse

How many kids does Tommy Bates church have?

QUICK FACTS 1 Born and raised in Northern Kentucky 2 Married to Tara and has three children and eight grandchildren. 3 BA and MA in Education, Northern Kentucky University 4 Community Family Church, Senior Pastor since 1981

When did Tara and Tommy Bates have their second son?

In 1982, Pastor Tommy and Tara had their second son: Joshua Eugene Bates. Josh earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude) and a Master of Arts in Teaching from NKU. Josh is actively involved at CFC as the small groups pastor.

How are the Bates family similar in age?

They both have large families and their children are similar in ages and grew up together. Many of the children remain close friends and have taken part in each others’ weddings. There have also been courtship rumors within the two families, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

Where did Tommy Bates get his masters degree?

Pastor Bates’ ministry began in the humble surroundings of a little country church and over the years has expanded worldwide. Listening closely to the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Bates felt compelled to complete his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education at Northern Kentucky University.

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