How old is Cobham Hall?


How old is Cobham Hall?

Cobham Hall is a historic country house with roots as far back as the 12th century. Even earlier than that there was a substantial Roman villa here, but it was in 1208 that the history of Cobham Hall as we know it really began.

What is Cobham Hall famous for?

The most notable feature of the interior is the two-storey Gilt Hall, designed and installed by George Shakespear, master carpenter and architect, of London, who made extensive interior alterations, 1770–81. The organ was built by John Snetzler in 1778-9.

What films were filmed at Cobham Hall?

Cobham Hall has been used as a film location by The Great Fire (2014), Wild Child (2008) and Bleak House (2005).

Who lived in Cobham Hall?

Queen Elizabeth I visits Cobham Hall, now the home of Sir William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham.

What is building in wild child?

Cobham Hall
Cobham Hall has been used as a setting for a number of film, television and advertising companies. We became Abbey Mount School for the 2008 film ‘Wild Child’, in which many staff and students were involved as extras.

Is Cobham Free School private?

Cobham Free School is a state funded independent school in central Cobham, Surrey. Taking best practice from the state and private sector, the school has small class sizes (max.

Where is Abbey Mount school wild child?

While there is no actual school called “Abbey Mount,” the movie was filmed at an actual all-girls school in England called “Cobham Hall” (located in Cobham, Kent, England). The town of Cobham is about thirty miles (roughly 48.3-kilometers) away from London.

What school is Abbey Mount wild child?

How many cobhams are there?

Cobham has a population of about 10,000 and retains much of its charming village atmosphere.

Did poppy start the fire?

During the hearing, Poppy tells her story, while her roommates find out that Poppy did not send the emails. Going to the court, they stand up for Poppy, and Harriet accidentally confesses to restarting the fire after Poppy had put it out. team at Abbey Mount.

Is Wild Child filmed at Robin Hoods Bay?

Wild Child filming locations include Robin Hood’s Bay Beach. After exploring the village, Poppy and Freddie sit out on the rocks on the beach huddled in a blanket before walking back through rock pools and across the sand with the rugged cliffs of the Yorkshire Coast as a backdrop.

Is Cobham free school good?

In its most recent inspection, Ofsted has given Cobham Free School an overall rating of Good.

When was the central block of Cobham Hall rebuilt?

The central block was rebuilt 1672–82 by Charles Stewart, 3rd Duke of Richmond, 6th Duke of Lennox (1639–1672). Today the building houses Cobham Hall School, a private boarding school for girls, established there in 1962, which retains 150 acres of the ancient estate.

When did William Brooke make Cobham Hall his home?

William Brooke made Cobham Hall his principal residence, building wings to the house in 1584 and laying out a garden. From 1660 until his death in 1672, the sixth Duke resumed the rebuilding of the house and the development of the park and gardens, the formal avenues probably being planted at this time.

Is there a boarding school in Cobham Hall?

Today the building houses Cobham Hall School, a private boarding school for girls, established there in 1962, which retains 150 acres of the ancient estate. There has been a manor house on the site since the 12th century.

How old are the girls at Cobham Hall?

Cobham Hall was founded as an international boarding school for girls aged between eleven and eighteen in 1962. The school now welcomes both day girls and boarding students. The school has a large contingent of international students, with approximately 25 nationalities represented.

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