How old is Louann in the dollhouse Murders?


How old is Louann in the dollhouse Murders?

The Plot: Amy Treloar, just weeks away from her 13th birthday, struggles with her feelings regarding her 11 year old sister, Louann, who suffers from non-specific brain damage.

Who is the main character in the dollhouse Murders?

The Dollhouse Murders by betty Ren Wright is a creepy story about twelve year old Amy who is frusterated with her mentally retarded sister, Louann.

What happened in dollhouse Murders?

Plot. In the attic of her aunt’s house, Amy finds a beautiful dollhouse that is an exact replica of the house itself. Playing with the dollhouse causes the dolls to reenact the grisly murder of Amy’s great-grandparents, who died in the house thirty years before.

Is the dollhouse murders a series?

Wright’s taut, suspenseful novel proves a solid choice to kick off the Live Oak Mysteries audio series. The attic is always a great place to look for nuggets of one’s family history, but when 12-year-old Amy explores her great-grandparents’ attic, she uncovers clues to a chilling family secret.

What is the conflict in Dollhouse Murders?

There was a nice blend of conflicts between the sisters, Amy and her aunt, and the mystery surrounding the dollhouse. Amy wants to discover the truth, but she doesn’t want to upset her aunt. She wants to get away from her sister, but she wants to protect her. The climax fittingly comes on a dark and stormy night.

Who wrote the Dollhouse murder?

Betty Ren Wright
The Dollhouse Murders/Authors

What is the climax of the dollhouse murders?

In a spine-chilling climax, Amy and her sister unravel the secrets of the petrifying dollhouse murders.

How old is Amy in the Dollhouse Murders?

Twelve-year-old Amy is having difficulties at home being responsible for her brain-damaged sister, Louann. While visiting her Aunt Clare at the old family home, she discovers an eerily-haunted dollhouse in the attic—an exact replica of the family home.

What happens in the attic in the Dollhouse Murders?

While visiting her Aunt Clare at the old family home, she discovers an eerily-haunted dollhouse in the attic—an exact replica of the family home. Whenever she sees it, the dolls, representing her relatives, have moved. Her aunt won’t listen to Amy’s claims that the dolls are trying to tell her something.

How old was Claire in the Dollhouse Murders?

In the old house, Amy spies the long-forgotten dollhouse Claire had as a child, an exact replica of the old family home and a gift to Claire from her grandparents, Amy’s great-grandparents. [The orphaned 14-year-old Claire and her 5-year-old brother, Paul (Amy’s father), had gone to live with their grandparents when their parents died.]

Who are the main characters in the Dollhouse Murders?

The Dollhouse Murders is about a girl named Amy who moves in with her aunt to try and escape some stress at home. One day she discovers a dollhouse in the attic. Little does she know that the dollhouse represents a terrible event in the past, and may also hold the answers that are needed in solving it.

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