How old was Keri Russell when filming Felicity?


How old was Keri Russell when filming Felicity?

Twenty-two-year-old Keri Russell stars on the WB as Felicity Porter, a 17-year-old high school graduate stumbling her way to adulthood at a New York City college. It’s a lighthearted drama that critics, advertisers and the magazine czars of hip seem to agree will be a hit.

How old is Carrie Russell?

45 years (23 March 1976)
Keri Russell/Age

Are Keri and Kurt related?

[August 1999] Kate Hudson’s mom (Goldie Hawn) is married to Keri Russell’s dad (Kurt Russell). Russell appeared on Married She subsequently starred in several film and television roles, including the made-for-television film The Babysitter’s Seduction. They are step-sisters.

When did Keri Russell get married?

14 February 2007 (Shane Deary)
Keri Russell/Wedding dates

How old was Scott Speedman in Felicity?

46 years (1 September 1975)
Scott Speedman/Age

Did Keri Russell and Scott Speedman ever date?

Speedman and Russell were dating at the time and he knew he needed to react well since he’d “been such a disaster of a boyfriend up until then.” When asked what constituted a “disaster of a boyfriend,” Russell generously replied “a young 20s boyfriend is called a disaster of a boyfriend.”

How tall is Rhys?

1.8 m
Matthew Rhys/Height

Who are the parents of Keri Russell?

Stephanie Stephens
David Russell
Keri Russell/Parents

Early life. Keri Lynn Russell was born on March 23, 1976, in Fountain Valley, California, the daughter of Stephanie Stephens, a homemaker, and David Russell, a Nissan Motors executive.

What age is Matthew Rhys?

47 years (8 November 1974)
Matthew Rhys/Age

Who is Matthew Rhys wife?

The actor Matthew Rhys lives in New York with his partner and The Americans co-star, Keri Russell, and their young son.

When did Keri Russell and Scott Speedman date?

Scott Speedman Said He Was a “Disaster of a Boyfriend” to Keri Russell. The Felicity co-stars shared a low-profile relationship in the early 2000s. Who: Emmy-nominated actress Keri Russell, 45, and actor Scott Speedman, 46. How They Met: Ah, 1998, what a year to be alive and watching The WB.

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