How quickly can a guinea pig get pregnant?


How quickly can a guinea pig get pregnant?

The female guinea pig takes her time to produce her babies. It will take from nine to ten weeks before you are rewarded with young ones. A sow will produce from one to six young, but three to four is the average. Large litters usually have a shorter gestation period (length of pregnancy).

How quickly do guinea pigs mate?

A female guinea pig’s heat cycle lasts for 16 days on average (between 14 and 17 days). However, during that time, she will be interested in copulating with the male guinea pig for only about 8 hours.

Can guinea pigs get pregnant at 3 months?

Male guinea pigs (boars) usually mature sexually and can mate as young as 2-3 months of age. Female guinea pigs (sows) typically mature sexually at 2 months of age (55 to 70 days). However, both males and females can mature and be fertile even earlier.

Can a 4 week old guinea pig get pregnant?

Guinea pigs reach sexual maturity early. Females can reach sexual maturity as early as approximately 4-6 weeks of age and males as early as approximately 8-9 weeks of age so the different sexes should be separated before they are able to reproduce with each other.

Do guinea pigs eat their babies if you touch them?

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Babies if You Touch Them? Your guinea pig won’t eat its babies if you touch them. That is a common myth and is definitely not true. You cannot do any harm by touching your adult guinea pig or its babies.

Can a 4 month old guinea pig get pregnant?

Guinea pigs are sexually mature as young as one month of age. While it is less important for the male pig to be a certain age at the time of breeding, the female needs to be less than 10 months old (at the maximum) to be able to give birth naturally.

How many babies will my guinea pig have?

How many babies to guinea pigs have? Litter sizes range from 1-6 young, with an average of 3. Abortions and stillbirths are common with guinea pigs throughout their breeding lives.

Can guinea pigs get pregnant right after giving birth?

Guinea pigs can fall pregnant again straight after giving birth to their litter – so entire adult males must be kept separately from females in late pregnancy and after the birth to prevent any further unwanted/unplanned litters of baby guinea pigs.

Why do male guinea pigs eat their babies?

A male guinea pig might eat his babies because he is territorial and feels threatened. It is very rare for a female guinea pig to eat a pup and even more unlikely that a male will consume a baby guinea pig. Guinea pigs are docile by nature as they are prey animals.

How long does it take for a guinea pig to get pregnant?

The mean length of pregnancy for a litter of 1 guinea pig is 70 days; for a litter of 6 guinea pigs its 67 days. First litters tend to be smaller than subsequent litters. Females do become very big during pregnancy.

When do guinea pigs have their first litter?

Female guinea pigs begin a new estrous cycle shortly after giving birth. The guinea pig gestation period is 59 to 72 days. The litter size ranges from 1 to 8 pups, but a litter of 2 to 4 is more common.

How old do guinea pigs have to be to breed?

Breeding and Reproduction of Guinea Pigs. Male guinea pigs (boars) mature sexually and can mate as young as 3 months of age. Female guinea pigs (sows) mature sexually as young as 2 months of age (55 to 70 days). Females can have estrous or fertile periods at any time of the year, but they are most common in the spring.

How long does it take guinea pig to bond with another guinea pig?

You’ve honored the quarantine period, your new pig is healthy and you are ready to introduce him or her to your other guinea pig. Have patience, take your time, always do this on neutral territory, and don’t give up too soon. Bonding may happen in one afternoon or it may take months.

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