Is Afghanistan a beautiful country?


Is Afghanistan a beautiful country?

Stunning cobalt-blue lakes with natural travertine dams in Band-e-Amir, the pristine, soaring Pamir Mountains, through which some of the world’s last snow leopards prowl—far from the simplistic, violent, and drab images preferred by the media, Afghanistan is a beautiful and multifaceted nation.

Why Afghanistan is famous?

Afghanistan is well known for its fine fruits, especially pomegranates, grapes, and its extra-sweet jumbo-size melons.

Is Afghanistan good for tourists?

Travel to all areas of Afghanistan is unsafe. The Department of State assesses the risk of kidnapping or violence against U.S. citizens in Afghanistan is high. The Department of State has no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas.

Is it peaceful in Afghanistan?

According to the Global Peace Index 2021, Afghanistan is the world’s least peaceful country, with the scope and intensity of the internal conflict in Afghanistan steadily increasing since at least 2014.

What makes Afghanistan unique?

It is a landlocked country in South Asia. Its capital and largest city is Kabul. Pashto and Dari are its official languages. Afghanistan is famous for its pomegranates in Asia.

Was Afghanistan ever beautiful?

But underneath this brutal and frustrating modern history lies a country with a natural and cultural beauty that has few equals in today’s world. With sweeping valleys, snow-capped peaks, and a patchwork of cultures and peoples, Afghanistan is truly one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

How beautiful is Afghanistan?

Is Afghanistan a US ally?

In 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama declared Afghanistan a major non-NATO ally. American involvement in the War in Afghanistan, the longest war in the U.S. history, ended after the withdrawal of U.S troops from the country by August 31, 2021.

Is Afghanistan safe?

Afghanistan is not a safe environment for travel. The security situation is extremely volatile and unpredictable. Attempting any travel, including adventure or recreational in this hazardous security environment, places you and others at grave risk of abduction, injury or death.

What language do they speak in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan/Official languages

There are between 40 and 59 languages spoken in Afghanistan. Dari and Pashto are the official and most widely spoken languages, by 77% and 48% of the population respectively. Dari, or Farsi, is the official name of the variety of Persian spoken in the country, and is widely used as a lingua franca.

What can we do to help Afghanistan?

  1. 10 Times Malala’s Words of Wisdom Have Left Us Speechless. Women and girls are the most vulnerable now that the Taliban have taken hold of Afghanistan.
  2. Donate to support humanitarian aid.
  3. Support women’s media and female reporters.
  4. Petitions You Can Sign.
  5. Show your support on social media.
  6. Learn more about the crisis.

What is life like for people in Afghanistan?

Commercial buildings certainly look different in Afghanistan from what westerners are used to seeing. Along with being the world’s most dangerous country, Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East and on the planet, with many people struggling to survive.

Is it dangerous to live in the capital of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s capital is not even half as dangerous as everyone thinks. Report after report points out rising civilian casualties in Afghanistan. Insurgents overrun districts and rural areas, forcing people to flee; most of them to the cities.

Why are there no go areas in Afghanistan?

There are many no-go areas in the capital because of the sheer number of addicts, thanks to an industry of opium cultivation and heroine production. These addicts are often afflicted with HIV and Hepatitis C, and they are known to mob younger people and women.

Which is the closest country to Afghanistan in the world?

Afghanistan is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east; Iran in the west; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in the north; and in the far northeast, China.

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