Is Andrea Frost a traitor in designated survivor?


Is Andrea Frost a traitor in designated survivor?

Andrea Frost was responsible without a doubt. Wells was warned by National Security Advisor Aaron Shore that if she didn’t come in to The Oval Office with clear cut evidence that Dr. Frost was responsible, President Kirkman would have none of it. Instead she chose to accost Dr.

Do Emily and Aaron get together?

Their relationship began to develop romantically. On the night of Peter MacLeish’s confirmation for Vice President, Emily and Aaron kissed. The next day, Emily agreed to go on a date with Aaron to see an Elvis impersonator.

Who shot the president in designated survivor?

The attempted assassination of US President Tom Kirkman occurred in the episode Warriors during the swearing in ceremony of Congressman Peter MacLeish as Vice President. The shot came from the PLC building facing east toward the platform of the Capitol by Nestor Lozano.

Why did Peter MacLeish keep the markets open?

The conspiracy lives on! Also, MacLeish decided to keep the stock markets open — again, despite his advisers telling him to do the opposite — and set the world up for a financial free fall from frightened investors who were scared that a dead president would mean stocks would go kaplooey.

Does Peter get caught designated survivor?

After incriminating information about him was delivered to the FBI and the President, he was eventually cornered by Hannah to be arrested for perjury in front of Congress.

Who was responsible in designated survivor?

Jay is the person responsible for Kirkman becoming designated survivor. After receiving images and an audio file sent by Atwood prior to his death, Hannah discovers Jay’s secrets, leading to his arrest in the West Wing. He was considered the traitor in the White House for a large portion of Season 1.

How did Catalan die designated survivor?

Once a decoy impersonating Lozano was killed, Nestor was able to resume his activities. During a final confrontation with Hannah Wells, he was fatally impaled by reinforcing bars, however not before he gave Patrick Lloyd access to the Defense Department’s most highly classified server.

Who caused the bombing in designated survivor?

The Capitol Bombing was a catastrophic attack on the United States Capitol orchestrated by the True Believers during the State of the Union Address given by Robert Richmond on January 20, 2017.

How does Hannah Wells get off the ship?

Yank the Dog’s Chain: For all Agent Wells’ efforts in escaping her bonds aboard the freighter and putting out a Distress Call, she is promptly recaptured, thrown back into a shipping container, taunted over Atwood’s death, sedated again, and finally left to awaken in a van full of explosives.

Does Jason die in designated survivor?

He took photos of him and Jay Whitaker, another conspirator. However, Catalan spotted him and shot him to death using a silenced pistol.

What happens to Jason Atwood?

He was released from custody, but he was fired. He began directly aiding Hannah in her investigation into the conspiracy once Luke’s killer was identified. However, Jason was caught spying on top conspirators Jay Whitaker and Patrick Lloyd and was shot and killed by Nestor Lozano.

Does Patrick Lloyd get caught?

After Hannah Wells and Damian Rennett found Lloyd’s location, the latter opened fire on them, only managing to graze Damian. Lloyd quickly fled and Hannah gave chase, but he managed to seal himself up in a bunker before being caught.

Is Leo’s son designated survivor?

The president tells Leo he’ll always be his son, but he’s not interested in opening the results. But the president opens the envelope anyway and takes the results to Lisa: He is Leo’s father after all, and he wants Lisa to make it known.

Is Leo the president’s son?

Leo Kirkman is the son of incumbent President Tom Kirkman and attorney Alex Kirkman and is also the older brother of Penny Kirkman.

Who is the son in designated survivor?

Tanner Buchanan

Who is the mystery caller in designated survivor?

Brooke Mathison

Who is the mole in the White House on designated survivor?

Everyone figured it was Senator Bowman (Mark Deklin) who leaked the info, but Hookstraten figured out it was an old employee of hers, Liam Price (David Lafontaine), looking to settle a score for being fired a long time ago, but in actuality, he was just a bitter jerk who tried to latch on to Bowman.

What happens to Damien in designated survivor?

While Damian and Wells are rushing back to the White House after finding some information about Gamine, Damian spots a shooter, who then tries to kill Hannah, he stands in front of her, and gets shot multiple times in the chest.

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