Is Natsu the Fire Dragon King?


Is Natsu the Fire Dragon King?

Natsu’s strongest form, Fire Dragon King Mode was granted to Natsu by Igneel, giving him Igneel’s magical power. In this state, Natsu is capable of killing Zeref, the strongest dark wizard in the series.

Can Natsu use fire Dragon King mode at will?

He can still use it but it’s not as powerful as it originally was, since he used up the last of igneels power (the original source) during his first battle with Zeref.

What is Natsu fire Dragon King mode?

Fire Dragon King Mode is a unique ability usable by a Fire Dragon Slayer. As a result of the sheer potency of the ability itself, before even properly utilizing the power to its fullest, the user radiates incredible heat.

Who is the fire Dragon King?

Igneel (イグニール Igunīru) was a Dragon known as The Fire Dragon (火竜 Karyū) and The Fire Dragon King (炎竜王 Enryūō). He was the foster father of Natsu Dragneel and the father of Ignia.

What episode does Natsu become Dragon King?

The Dragon King is the 176th episode of the Fairy Tail anime, and the 1st episode of the 2014 series.

Natsu’s “Fire Dragon King Destruction Fist!”

What is Natsu strongest form?

Natsu’s strongest form, Fire Dragon King Mode was granted to Natsu by Igneel, giving him Igneel’s magical power. In this state, Natsu is capable of killing Zeref, the strongest dark wizard in the series.

Is Natsu a God Slayer?

Natsu is the first known First generation Dragon Slayer to enter Dragon Force without consuming external sources. His Dragon Force is also strong enough to be able to burn off Zeref’s Ankhseram Black Magic that was being used to restrain him.

Is Igneel the king of Dragons?

Igneel is a male fire dragon and the adoptive father of Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel, a wizard of the guild Fairy Tail. He is the king of the Fire Dragons and a friend of fellow fire dragon Atlas Flame. He was also the biological father of Ignia, the Fire God Dragon.

How strong is Natsu in the 100 year quest?

In the 100 years quest it is revealed Natsu managed to integrate the Dragon flames he has consumed before (such as Atlas Flames’ fire, Igneel’s fire and Ignia’s fire) into his own fire. He got strong enough to overwhelm a weakened God Seed Aldoron in this state.

Is Natsu a demon?


As has been mentioned, Natsu was revived by his brother Zeref and transformed into the demon known as “E.N.D.” This means he is already part demon and part human, but that’s not all that Natsu is. Learning Dragon Slayer magic implants a Dragon Seed inside of every user.

What is Natsu strongest feat?

Fairy Tail: Natsu’s 10 Greatest Accomplishments, Ranked
  1. 1 Natsu Landed The Final Blow On Acnologia And Saved The World.
  2. 2 Natsu Subdued Zeref Enough For Mavis To Carry Out Her Plan. …
  3. 3 Natsu Saved The Celestial Spirit King From Absorbing Himself. …
  4. 4 Natsu Defeated Rogue And Stopped His Dragons From Rampaging. …

What is Natsu secret weapon?

In the latest episode of the series, fans finally saw what was hidden under his bandages: the last bit of Igneel’s power resting within Natsu culminating in a new, crimson red flame.

What is Natsu strongest move?

Natsu is one of the strongest wizards in the anime Fairy Tail. He uses Fire Dragon Slayer magic, and these are his strongest moves.

Fairy Tail: Natsu’s 10 Best Moves, Ranked According To Strength
  1. 1 Multi Dragon Force.
  2. 2 Hidden Fire Form: Crimson Lotus: Phoenix Blade. …
  3. 3 Dragon Force. …
  4. 4 Igneel’s Tattoo. …

Is Natsu half dragon?

Tatsu (Half) is a 5-star ground and full/cone AoE type unit based on Natsu Dragneel in his half-Dragon form in the anime Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie.

What episode does Natsu become half dragon?

Episode 195 | Fairy Tail Wiki | Fandom.

Is Natsu the strongest in Fairy Tail?

Natsu Dragneel is one of the strongest young mages in the Fairy Tail series. He’s made a name for himself as The Salamander, one of Fiore’s strongest, and definitely one on the path of becoming both an S ranked wizard and later, a Wizard Saint. Despite his immense strength and promise, Natsu is not yet unbeatable.

Does Natsu surpass Erza?

Sting is a formidable wizard, but he and Rogue together lost to Natsu and Gajeel in the Grand Magic Games tournament, and it’s safe to say that Erza is stronger than either Natsu or Gajeel.

What is Natsu end form?

Transformation. Natsu Dragneel’s true form is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, short for END. Created by the Dark Mage, Zeref, Natsu was able to access his demonic power after the mass of Magic in chest was enlarged by Brandish’s Command T.

Who is stronger than Natsu?

6 God Serena Was The Mightiest Wizard On The Continent Of Ishgar, Where Natsu Lives. There’s no denying that God Serena is more powerful than Natsu seeing as he was the most powerful wizard on the entire continent.

Who is Igneel son?

Ignia (イグニア Igunia), also known as The Fire Dragon God (炎神竜 Enjinryū), is one of the Five Dragon Gods that inhabit the continent of Guiltina. He is the biological son of the Fire Dragon King Igneel.

Who is the strongest dragon in Fairy Tail?

1 Acnologia Is The Self-Proclaimed Dragon King

He was known to destroy entire nations at will and even the most powerful of Dragons were wary of him. Since his attribute was Magic itself, Acnologia was nearly invincible.

Who is strongest Dragon Slayer?


The most powerful Dragon Slayer of the original era that started the storylines we see today, Acnologia was a mage who forgot what it meant to be human. His power is so incredible that it dwarfs even someone like Zeref’s power, who was so powerful people spent decades worshiping what he could do.

Can Natsu use black flames?

If you payed attention Natsu says he had created a vessel for the black fire and the lightning so that he can use it, but since Zancrow died he can’t refill his black fire, and Natsu would need Laxus to give him more of his lightning for Natsu to use the lightning-fire dragon combination again.

Can Natsu use golden flame?

Flame of Rebuke is a spell in which the user creates golden flames from the palm of their hand. The flames created by this spell are extremely powerful, such that consuming the flame was enough to cause Natsu Dragneel to enter Dragon Force.

Is Natsu fire magic?

As such, Natsu’s Magic revolves around the usage of fire that can spout from any part of his body. Natsu’s ability to eat flames gives him immunity to most types of flames and allows him to spew fire from his lungs.

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