Is Season 5 of blindspot the last season?


Is Season 5 of blindspot the last season?

Blindspot first arrived on NBC in 2015 and has captivated viewers for five seasons. In 2020, fans have had to bid farewell to the thrilling crime drama as the show’s fifth season would also be its last. After exactly 100 episodes, July 23rd saw the fifth season come to an end in hugely dramatic fashion.

How many episodes are in the final season of blindspot?


How did blindspot end season5?

In the end, Blindspot concluded the same way it began: with Jane Doe stuffed in a bag in the middle of Times Square. This time, though, she wasn’t emerging from an unmarked duffel; rather, police were zipping her up in a body bag as the show came to an end.

Is blindspot really over?

NBC’s Blindspot ended its five-season run with the 100th episode on Thursday, tying up many of the loose ends that had been teased out all series.

How can I watch blindspot Season 5?

Blindspot is available on Seven Network and its companion 7plus streaming service, which currently is right up to speed and has episodes 1-10 of season 5 plus all of seasons 3 and 4 on catch-up.

Does Reed come back on blindspot?

But, if fans think they’ve seen the last of him, fear not, because Rob Brown and Gero revealed that Reade will be back. He’s still dead, of course, but viewers will get to see him again before the end of Season 5. Blindspot Season 5 airs every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

Are Jane and Weller still together?

Blindspot viewers were shown two endings after Weller and Jane (who used her recent ZIP exposure to help her solve the case) disarmed the ZIP bomb in Times Square. In one reality, the two got their happy ending, fostered a bunch of kids, and everyone had come over for a family dinner of sorts.

Is Jane Doe Taylor Shaw in blindspot?

Jane Doe Case Positive that Jane was Taylor Shaw, he mentioned his finding to Mayfair who sent Taylor’s DNA to Patterson to run some tests. Patterson ran the test three times before telling Weller but it was undeniable that Jane Doe was indeed Taylor Shaw.

Who is the tattooed girl in blindspot?

Jane Doe

Why did Jane kill Oscar?

When Bethany Mayfair was arrested, Jane realized that all of the missions Oscar gave her had been to Mayfair for murder and remove her from her job as Assistant Director of the FBI. The two of them fought, accidentally setting fire to the barn, before Jane accidentally impaled Oscar on a scythe, killing him.

Who is the villain in blindspot?

9 Shepherd Shepherd was the original “baddie” on Blindspot. Soon as Jane aka Remi emerged from that duffel bag in Times Square, viewers wanted to know how and why? The answer to that was her mother. Shepherd was elusive to the FBI but flashbacks showed just how ruthless she was behind the scenes.

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