Is senior dog food the same as puppy food?


The latter, in particular, is found in large amounts in puppy food, but can be a major cause of kidney problems for senior dogs. So, in a nutshell, puppy food and senior dog food have some very different functions and ingredients, and the rule of thumb is that you should not give older dogs puppy food.

Can puppies eat Senior dog food?

Feeding a senior dog puppy food isn’t a good idea, because it will only make them “grow” in all the wrong directions. Excessive weight gain is no bueno, as it can cause older dogs to develop health problems like joint issues, diabetes, and heart troubles.

What is the difference between puppy and senior dog food?

Senior dog foods do have some differences from those labeled as Adult and Puppy formulas when it comes to nutrition composition. On average, senior dog foods have less protein, less fats, and higher carbohydrates than adult and puppy diets. This may or may not be a good thing for your pet.

What happens if I give my puppy senior food?

There’s certainly nothing toxic about adult dog food, and your puppy won’t become sick from eating the odd bowl of kibble or stealing morsels from his big-brother’s dish (aside, potentially, from some minor digestive upset). However, long-term damage can result from a steady diet of adult dog food.

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When should I switch my dog to senior dog food?

Your dog may not look or act like what you think of as a “senior” dog. But starting around age 7, and earlier if they’re a large breed dog, your dog’s dietary needs will start to change. This is a good time to start thinking about switching to a senior dog diet.

Is senior dog food necessary?

It can be used to maintain health, prevent disease, and even primarily manage some disease conditions. That said, just because your dog is getting older doesn’t necessarily mean they need a diet change. There are many foods out there that are labeled for mature, aging, and senior dogs.

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