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The Library can be a confusing place, and it can sometimes feel like everyone except you knows what they’re doing. That’s why we’ve been running our ‘Just Ask’ pop up events, where we answer your burning Library questions and add them to our display board. Whether you’re new to Warwick or have been here for years, there is no such thing as a silly question, so Just Ask us: we’ve answered a few of the questions here…

Where can I use my laptop?

You can use laptops everywhere in the Library, except for the small silent study rooms on the floor 2 extension. There will always be signage telling you what you can expect in different areas of the library.

How can I take my books out of the library?/Where do I go to check out the books?

You can use the self-issue machines on floor 1, or ask at the Library Helpdesk.

Where do I return my books?

You return books at the Returns Machine on floor 1, close to the IT Services Helpdesk in the corner. Ask at the Helpdesk if you have any problems.

Can I read my books on any floor?

Yes! You don’t have to stay on the same floor as your subject, you can sit where you like. If you are reading a book which is not on loan to you, please just put it on the ‘book park’ (the bookshelves near the lifts) once you’ve finished with it and we will put it back in the right place. Remember as well that the Library manages other spaces across campus – there are study spaces available in Learning Grid Rootes and Learning Grid, University House, and well as the Postgraduate Hub for postgraduates and BioMed Grid at Gibbet Hill for students based there.

On which floors is food allowed?

Cold food is allowed everywhere except silent study areas. Please look out for signage around the building. If you have hot food, please finish it before coming into the Library.

Can I take books out of the library?

Yes! Most of our books can be borrowed, it is only ‘reference’ books which cannot be taken out.  Before leaving the Library with books, you will need to borrow them using the self-issue machines on Floor 1.

Can you increase the number of copies of the core textbook?

If you feel we need more copies of a particular book, please let us know. You can come and have a chat with the team on the Helpdesk, talk to your Academic Support Librarian, or fill in a book suggestion form.  Look out as well for our More Books – Your Books campaign that will run again later in the year.

If all copies are on loan you can request a hold, which puts you in the queue to borrow the book. We keep an eye out for books which have lots of holds placed on them so we know if something is in high demand.

Where can I find my books?

Books are shelved according to their classmark: the sequence of letters and numbers which you’ll find on a label on the spine of the book. Classmarks are assigned based on the subject of the book, so books of the same topic will be shelved together. To find a book you first need to use Library Search, our online catalogue. This will tell you if we have the book, if copies are available, and most importantly the book’s classmark. Then consult our floorplans – these will show you on which floor you will find the classmark. If you have any difficulty finding a book, please ask at the Helpdesk.

It’s not too late to come and see us in person; have a look at our Just Ask webpage to find out where and when we’ll be popping up next.  Outside of these events, please do ask at the Helpdesk, or contact your subject librarian if you have any queries. So many of you come and say to us “this is probably a silly question” and I promise, it never is. We actually really like helping you, so if there’s anything you’re at all unsure of or confused by: Just Ask!

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