Quick Answer: Why did Arya let the hound die?


Why did Arya leave the Hound to die? … He had said in a previous episode that “dead men don’t need silver”. When Arya saw this, she knew that the Hound still has hope that he will still live. She decided to just leave him there without taking away that hope.

Why did Arya want the Hound dead?

Despite all their recent time together, Arya hates the Hound. He killed her friend in season 1 and he was on her list, and was generally a despicable person. She knew he was going to die no matter what, and that killing him herself would make his end easier.

Why did aria not kill the Hound?

The Hound is looking for somebody who would pay him a handsome ransom for Arya, and she is tagging along for safety. There’s absolutely no love lost between the two. Arya does not kill him because he wants to end this suffering, whereas she, wants him to suffer. She sees this as her retribution.

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Did the Hound actually care about Arya?

The Hound had Arya in his care for almost two seasons, and they ran into trouble all the time. In the books, the Hound also had a more overt attraction to Sansa. When he asks her to leave with him and she refuses, he kisses her—and at knifepoint, demands a song for her. … He reconciled with Arya Stark.

Why did Arya thank the Hound?

However, once they got to the Red Keep, the Hound urged Arya to head back and let him go on alone to fight his older brother to prevent Cersei from escaping. The Hound saved Arya for the last time on Game Of Thrones before attempting to kill the Mountain, and the emotional scene will give you all the feelings.

Did the hound love Arya?

Yes the Hound loved Arya. But as a drinking buddy, fellow warrior (she appreciated the fact that he accepted her as a female warrior), but he didn’t love her sexually or romantically. At first she was just a paycheque to him, a way to get back the money the Brotherhood Without Banners took from him.

Why is the hound on Arya’s list?

6 Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane Fell To His Death During Cleganebowl – “The Bells” Gregor’s brother, Sandor Clegane, was not on Arya’s kill list by the end of the show, but rather than get phased out, Arya more consciously removed him. He earned his spot on it for the killing of Lackey and for being a Lannister dog.

Why is the Hound so protective of Arya?

Though he tracks her down when she runs away and claims to want to ransom her to her family, in truth, he’s protecting her and teaching her survival skills for the road. Arya’s cruelty saves the Hound’s life. … When fans find the Hound again in Season 6, his adopted people have been murdered.

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Why did Arya not name Tywin?

Originally Answered: Why didn’t Arya use one of her earlier deathwishes to kill Tywin Lannister? Basically, the book never had Arya serving Tywin Lannister. So, the TV show cannot show Arya killing Tywin Lannister as that would change the plot completely and irretrievably.

Why did Arya go blind?

He took the form of her fellow female classmate. Then Arya started flipping through the faces of the dead body on the ground like an anthropomorphized Tinder (sorry) until she came upon her own face. It was then that her vision started to blur.

Why did clegane save Sansa?

While he’s known for being ruthless, the Hound has a soft spot for Sansa that makes him act as her protector whenever he can. … When the wildfire spreads during the Battle of Blackwater, his fear drives him to flee King’s Landing, but he goes looking for Sansa first.

Why does the Hound call Sansa little bird?

The pair hadn’t met for several seasons, until they finally share a scene again in the fourth episode of the final season, “The Last of the Starks.” In referencing Sansa’s past, the Hound calls her “little bird.” It’s a nickname that Sansa has heard before, from more than one place.

Who is Sansa Stark in love with?

Sansa Stark isn’t very lucky in love on Game Of Thrones. She is betrothed to Prince Joffrey in Season 1 of the hit HBO fantasy drama, only to have her dreams shattered when Joffrey executes her father and reveals his true colors.

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Why does the Hound look after Arya?

The Hound was following the Brotherhood, looking for his chance, when Arya ran off from their camp, angry at Beric for not taking her to her family. Then the Hound kidnapped her, so he can claim ransom from Robb, to replace the gold that was taken from him.

Why do they call him the Hound in Game of Thrones?

Sandor Clegane is a member of House Clegane and is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane. Sandor is nicknamed the Hound for his fierce nature and unquestioning obedience to House Lannister and for the three dogs featured in his family’s arms.

Did baelish really love Sansa?

Although Littlefinger seems to have genuine affection for Sansa, the most recent episode saw him put a plan in motion to create a rift between her and her sister Arya. … I know that’s how it appears, but it’s something slightly different,” he said of Littlefinger’s feelings for Sansa.

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