Should I rescue a Romanian dog?


Is rescuing a Romanian dog a good idea?

Haskal agrees that adopting rescue dogs from Romania has its risks. You know nothing of their backgrounds. They have probably been wandering the streets, abandoned. They may be aggressive towards other people, other dogs, terrified of going outside, or scared of the world in general.

Why are people rescuing dogs from Romania?

The British Veterinary Association says vets are worried about the risk of rare diseases in imported dogs. Romania introduced a law to tackle strays, allowing them to be euthanised if they are not adopted in 14 days. Vanda Kizmaz said she was rescuing dogs from “kill centres”.

Is it safe to buy dogs from Romania?

Experts warn the trade puts dogs at risk of distress, disease and death and have called for an end to the imports. Romania topped the list, supplying 7,461 of the 20,845 dogs imported last year. Next came the Republic of Ireland (4,896), Spain (3,816) and Cyprus (3,156).

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How long does it take for a Romanian rescue dog to settle?

It can take about 6 months for a rescue dog to fully settle into a new home, sometimes longer, so you need to prepare yourself for a long haul of exciting, rewarding and sometimes frustrating experiences during that period.

Are Romanian dogs healthy?

That’s not to say Romanian dogs don’t have health issues. Many of them are ill treated, starved and injured from living on the streets, so there can certainly be health issues to contend with and this is something you should ensure you check out with your rescuer before you adopt.

Can Romanian dogs understand English?

Contrary to what some people believe, dogs don’t speak English (or Romanian)! Dogs will listen to your voice, but the words are mostly a jumble, it is the tone and inflexion which the dog will be absorbing. Dogs can learn words, provided the word is a clear command which is delivered consistently and repeatedly.

What is a kill shelter Romania?

The Romanian stray dog policy is capture, hold and kill. The government paid dog catchers catch the dogs on dog poles, not in a humane manner, the dogs screaming in fear, and the dogs are then taken in vans to the public shelters. … Whilst it is clean, and the staff do care about the dogs, it is still a kill shelter.

Do street dogs make good pets?

But most dog lovers are hesitant to take them in as they don’t know how to adopt a stray dog. Many believe that adopting street dogs is difficult as they can’t be house-trained. However, these dogs are highly adaptive and make excellent pets.

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What happened Romanian street dogs?

In 2015, the Bucharest City Hall stated that over 51,200 stray dogs were captured between October 2013 and January 2015, with more than half being euthanized, about 23,000 being adopted, and 2,000 still residing in the municipality’s shelters. …

Do all rescue dogs have problems?

However, rescue animals can pose occasional problems that are not always apparent to people adopting or rescuing them. Issues such as medical problems, aggression, and other behavioral issues may not show for weeks, months, or in some cases years.

Are rescue dogs dangerous?

But rescue dogs, especially older ones, can be unpredictable and even if they pass a temperament test with flying colors, it pays to be safe. … Not all dogs at the shelter are abused dogs and not every one has been mistreated, but they’ve still been through trauma and can be unpredictable.

How can I help my Romanian rescue dog settle in?

Settling in your Romanian rescue

  1. The first thing is not to overthink things. …
  2. No Walking for the first seven days. …
  3. On the lead In the garden. …
  4. No guests for a week. …
  5. Allow them their own space. …
  6. Do not allow them on the sofa or bed for at least a week, preferably two. …
  7. Make water available in various locations. …
  8. Play music.

How do you take care of a Romanian rescue dog?


  1. Don’t keep fussing over your new arrival, they will most likely not be used to it. …
  2. Don’t Bathe them for at least a few days. …
  3. Don’t allow them to follow you everywhere and have access to all areas of the house for the first few days/weeks. …
  4. Don’t Let them on beds or sofa’s for the first few weeks.

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How do I settle my Romanian dog?

In many cases, they do not wish to be stroked and fussed right away. TIP: Show them where a comfy bed and water is and let them settle and come to you when they are ready. Sometimes this takes just a few hours, sometimes a few weeks; the most important thing to remember is, just let them come around in their own time.

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