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The University of Warwick is known not just for what it can offer academically, but also its extracurricular activities. Striking a balance can be hard sometimes, but here’s how the University can help maintain a healthy balance between study and leisure…

Make the SU your SU


Being a campus university, Warwick is often referred to as a bubble. The beauty of being its own insular space is that there are so many facilities provided for students on campus. The Warwick SU is the hub of the university; from part-time jobs in the outlets to regular events in the Copper Rooms or the Dirty Duck, there is something for everyone.

Make the most of having cheap or even free entertainment at your fingertips through events like karaoke or Bingo Night in the Duck or different postgraduate events in The Graduate. University isn’t all about getting your degree – it’s for trying new things, meeting new people, and learning what hobbies and interests you might want to take into later life. You never know, an impromptu SU activity could reveal a hidden talent that will stay for life.

Create your networks

Try Something New

Developing a support network at university is important for times where you need to rely on others, especially if it’s exam season. Everyone is in the same boat, and often the friends you make at university are for life. Push any nerves away and remember – as shy as you might feel, it’s likely many people around you feel just the same.

Societies are a great way to create new or develop existing friendship circles. Warwick has more societies than almost any other university in the country, and the diversity is astounding. There’s nothing as fun as doing something you love with people who are as into it as you are. With over 25,000 students, finding your niche group of people who can share all the new experiences with is never easier.

Most societies let you come along to one meeting or session for free to try it out, so make the most of it and try something new. Even if it’s an interest you’ve never really invested a lot of time into before, trying new things can help you meet like-minded people or find new skills you never knew you had. You’ll never have as much time to explore hobbies as you do at university, or the access to so many at the same time.

Don’t be afraid to break the mould

Try Something New

Similarly, don’t let any intimidation or nerves about trying new things stop you from getting what you want from your time. My only regret from university is not starting the societies I love sooner. Make the most of every term – at the end of the day, even if you try something you don’t like, you’ll only have lost an afternoon, and you might gain a lifetime hobby.

Incorporating ideas from this list, or exploring whatever extracurriculars suit you personally, can make a massive difference to your university career. From meeting new people to finding new skills, trying new things keeps a balance in your life. Stress can be a debilitating problem for students and focusing too wholly on work can have negative effects on long-term productivity.

Having some diversity in your schedule through extracurricular activities can make all the difference. Have fun exploring what Warwick has to offer and creating a healthy life balance.

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