Was Eleanor Calder in What Makes You Beautiful?


Was Eleanor Calder in What Makes You Beautiful?

Beauty who snogged the star after Eleanor Calder split ‘starred in One Direction video’ Now it seems the girl is not so mysterious, as she may be the same ‘beach babe’ who starred in the band’s What Makes You Beautiful Video back in 2011.

Who is the most beautiful person in One Direction?

LOS ANGELES: One Direction star Harry Styles is one of the most handsome looking people on the planet, science has confirmed. In a report published by the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery it has been stated that Styles, 23, is objectively one of the top-tier looking people from the human species.

Who has a girlfriend in One Direction?

Liam Payne and Maya Henry Liam is engaged to Maya Henry who he has been dating since 2019. The 27-year-old asked his fiancée to marry him back in September 2020 with a ring reportedly worth £3 million, which left our jaws on the floor and even more jealous of Maya than before.

Where did One Direction film What Makes You Beautiful?

Background. “What Makes You Beautiful” is One Direction’s debut music video. It was directed by John Urbano and filmed in Malibu, California, in July 2011, over two days.

Are Harry and Louis married?

According to Larry shippers, Harry Styles, 21, and Louis Tomlinson, 23, have been a couple since the very beginning, but they only officially tied the knot on September 28, 2013.

Did Harry Styles fall in love to what makes you beautiful?

Harry said that he fell in love to What makes you beautiful and then proceeded to film Watermelon Sugar-a song about the first stages of a relationship- on the very same beach they filmed wmyb at (out of all the beaches in the world!!!!).

Who wrote One Direction songs?


Song Artist(s) Writer(s)
“Gotta Be You” One Direction Steve Mac August Rigo
“Half a Heart” One Direction Steve Robson Ed Drewett Lindy Robbins
“Happily” One Direction Savan Kotecha Carl Falk Harry Styles
“Heart Attack” One Direction Rami Yacoub Carl Falk Savan Kotecha Shellback Kristian Lundin

Who formed 1d?

Nicole Scherzinger, a guest judge, and Simon Cowell have both claimed to have come up with the idea of forming the band. In 2013, Cowell said that it “took him 10 minutes to put them together as a group”. Subsequently, the group got together for two weeks to get to know each other and to practise.

Who is girl in 1D what makes you beautiful video?

Luckily for Madison, 1D fans took kindly to her role in the music video and seemed to experience her near-kiss with Harry vicariously. And while it’d be hard for almost anyone to top being the first ever love interest in a One Direction music video, Madison has fared quite well since her “What Makes You Beautiful” days.

When did one direction perform what makes you beautiful?

One Direction performed the song live on televised shows, at awards ceremonies, and on all four of their major concert tours: Up All Night Tour (2011–12), Take Me Home Tour (2013), Where We Are Tour (2014) and On the Road Again Tour (2015), while band member Harry Styles performed the song on his 2017 solo tour.

When did what makes you beautiful video come out?

The music video for “What Makes You Beautiful” was directed by John Urbano. Filmed over two days in July 2011, it premiered on 19 August 2011. On each of the five days preceding the video’s premiere, One Direction posted a teaser trailer of the video online.

Who was girl with hair flip in what makes you beautiful?

Watching “What Makes You Beautiful” brought Directioners back, and it prompted so many fans to remember how envious they once were of that pretty girl in the video! So technically, three gals shared the screen with Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn, but only one lucky lady had the overwhelming hair flip: Madison McMillin.

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