What are advantages and disadvantages of fuel cells?


What are advantages and disadvantages of fuel cells?

Expensive to manufacture due the high cost of catalysts (platinum) Lack of infrastructure to support the distribution of hydrogen. A lot of the currently available fuel cell technology is in the prototype stage and not yet validated. Hydrogen is expensive to produce and not widely available.

What are the advantages of fuel cells Class 12?

Advantages: As reactants are continuously supplied, cell runs and there is no need to replace electrolytes. The only product is water in fuel cells, it is non polluting. Fuel cells have efficiency of 70%. As compared to thermal plants.

What is the disadvantage of fuel cells?

Disadvantages of using fuel cells in cars hydrogen is in the gas state at room temperature and pressure, so it is difficult to store in the car. fuel cells and electric motors are less durable than petrol engines and diesel engines, so they are not so long-lasting. fuel cells are very expensive.

What are 3 advantages of hydrogen fuel cells?

What are The Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

  • Renewable and Readily Available.
  • Hydrogen is a Clean and Flexible Energy Source to support Zero-Carbon Energy Strategies.
  • More Powerful and Energy Efficient than Fossil Fuels.
  • Highly Efficient when Compared to Other Energy Sources.
  • Almost Zero Emissions.

What is a fuel cell and what are the advantages of the fuel cells?

Fuel cells can operate at higher efficiencies than combustion engines and can convert the chemical energy in the fuel directly to electrical energy with efficiencies capable of exceeding 60%. Fuel cells have lower or zero emissions compared to combustion engines.

What is fuel cell and what are its advantages?

(1) The reactants are continuously supplied to the electrodes from the reservoir. Unlike conventional cells, the fuel cells do not have to be discharged when the chemicals are consumed. (2) They are non polluting because the only reaction product is water (for hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell).

What are the two advantages of fuel cells?

The advantage of the fuel cell is Emissions and Efficiency.

What is one of the advantages of a fuel cell quizlet?

More efficient because fuel cells are up to three times more efficient than internal combustion engines.

What are the pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cells?

Hydrogen fuel cells Pros: No vehicle emissions other than water vapor. Fuel economy equivalent to about twice that of gasoline vehicles. Hydrogen is abundant, and can be made from renewable energy. Cons: This space-age technology is expensive.

Are fuel cells efficient?

Fuel cell vehicles, which use electric motors, are much more energy efficient. The fuel cell system can use 60% of the fuel’s energy—correspond- ing to more than a 50% reduction in fuel consumption compared to a conventional vehicle with a gasoline internal combustion engine.

What are two advantages and one disadvantage of fuel cells?

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Advantages and Disadvantages in Material…

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.
  • Advantage: High Energy Density Improves Productivity.
  • Disadvantage: The Use of Fossil Fuels in Hydrogen Production.
  • Disadvantage: Hydrogen Storage and Transportation.
  • Disadvantage: Fuel Cell Efficiency.

What is the major advantage of a fuel cell over a standard battery?

Question: A major advantage of a fuel cell over a standard battery is that as long as oxygen and fuel are supplied, a fuel cell will not run down” like a battery fuel cells are powered directly by sunlight fuel cells generates electricity without the need for an oxidation-reduction reaction.

What are some pros and cons of fuel cells?

Pros of Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Renewable and highly abundant.

  • Cons of Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Sourcing hydrogen.
  • Final verdict. When you keep in mind all the advantages mentioned above,there is no doubt that the hydrogen fuel cell is the most promising renewable energy source.
  • What are the safety concerns of fuel cells?

    Explosive Danger. That property doesn’t eliminate the explosive danger entirely,but it renders it as safe as any volatile material that is used as fuel.

  • Flamability
  • Toxicity
  • Climate Change
  • What is advantage of chemical energy from fuel cells?

    Advantages of fuel cell technology By converting chemical potential energy directly into electrical energy, fuel cells avoid a thermal bottleneck (a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics) and are therefore inherently more efficient than combustion engines, which must first convert chemical potential energy into heat, and then mechanical work.

    How efficient is a fuel cell?

    The energy efficiency of a fuel cell is generally between 40–60%; however, if waste heat is captured in a cogeneration scheme, efficiencies of up to 85% can be obtained. The fuel cell market is growing, and in 2013 Pike Research estimated that the stationary fuel cell market will reach 50 GW by 2020.

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