What are benefits of LinkedIn premium?


What are benefits of LinkedIn premium?

Discover how Premium can give you a boost

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What is the benefit of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn gives you the ability to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections, not only is your profile the first professional impression of you when recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates but it also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your …

Can you see who looked at your LinkedIn?

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Click Access My Premium. Under Your Premium features dropdown on the right rail, click Who’s viewed your profile. Click See who’s viewed you.

What email should I use for LinkedIn?

Should I use my regular email address when I register on LinkedIn? Most regular email addresses should be fine. However, it is better to use an online Gmail, Yahoo!, Microsoft Online (Hotmail or the newer Outlook.com address), or similar permanent address that you create online.

Should I use my personal email for LinkedIn?

You should have at least two email addresses for a LinkedIn account. The primary email should be a personal email that you are reasonably certain to have access to forever — perhaps a gmail account. Never use as your primary email an address that belongs to an organization that you might lose access to.

Do you use your work email for LinkedIn?

If you want to maximise your presence on LinkedIn for job offers or new business development, upload your work email address. The reason is simple – private email addresses can be difficult to work out while most work email addresses follow a standard pattern and can be easily worked out.

How does LinkedIn earn money?

The business model of Linkedin is a freemium model where the core features are provided for free, but the company charges money for extended features to recruiters as well as job seekers to aid job search.

How do I link my work email to LinkedIn?

To add and confirm an email address:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  3. Click Sign in & security on the left.
  4. Click Change next to Email addresses under Account Access.
  5. Click Add email address and enter the new email address into the text box.

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